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Monday, July 26, 2004

It's Official!

Ack! I just wrote my last entry EVER as squishymoomoo on OpenDiary. Whoosh. I probably could have been more poetic and sentimental had I tried, but... it's 2am. People should take what they can get. ;)

I guess I'll write something rather normal here. Today I slept in late (big surprise.) With all the rain the last couple of days, our basement has been flooded, leaving the house smelling rather musty. My dad had to bring all the carpets outside to air out. I think the flooding really frustrates him because he has worked hard on the ground around the foundation to make it stop spilling water into the house.  I'm sure Julia doesn't appreciate living in a swamp, either. (Water got into her hair dryer, horror of horrors!)

Anyway... Julia and I went downtown to Sunfire Ceramics and each painted a big tile. I painted some tiles a few weeks ago with Courtney to give as a gift to my host family in Mexico. I did 3 little ones and a big one, all with a flower theme. The big one turned out really ugly and nasty though, so Julia made me paint another one. ;) I think this one will be much nicer.  I helped Julia with the art of stenciling. I think she's afraid to unleash her inner artist. She needs lots of encouragement. She is, however, mastering the art of mod podge.

I've been trying to scribble a list of things to do before I go to Mexico. Bleh. It's easier just to pretend that nothing is happening and go out and have fun. Eventually I'll grow up and get down to business, but it's hard to do when Murl has two days in a row off of work and Julia is still in town. By Wednesday things will be back to normal, and I can then finally get things done.

This summer has been the longest summer of my life. I'm not talking in days... just in experiences. So much has happened... I think that all the waiting for people to move or go off to college has made the time go slowly. I've been running around to all four corners of the earth, too, which has made things a little strange.

It's almost 3 am now, so I think I should at least get off the computer. My mom would shake her head at me if she woke up and found me still sitting at the keyboard!



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