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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Muppet Babies

I've had the Muppet Babies song in my head a lot lately. Why? Why?

I have a headache, so I'll keep this short and sweet. ;)

This morning I drove to KC with my mom to the Mexican Consulate to pick up my visa. Total change from our last visit. Instead of 50 people packed into a room, there were maybe 5 other people there. The lady who was doing my visa was actually NICE this time as she explained (in very, very careful detail) how I must have my special student visa stamped about 8 times between now and next June at various places around the world. We were in there about 10 minutes and then came home.

We got back into Lawrence and ate lunch at Panera. Yummy chicken noodle soup! Then we went over to Lasting Impressions where I got a brand new (tags still on it!) skirt for about $10. Score! I took my mom home and then went to Target. I got a denim jacket and a bag of salad. Yeaaaaaaaaaah, salad! Woo! I came home and ate frozen Reese's peanut butter cups. Mmm, mm!

Spaghetti for dinner, yummy, then custard with my parents for dessert, yay for The Cup, then waited at home until Murl came over. We rented "Down With Love," which is kind of quirky but fun. And now here I am with you and a headache. Man, what a day!

I would finish up with some deep thoughts on the meaning of life or some aspect of it, but I'm seriously in need of some sinus medicine and my pillow. Goodnight!


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