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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Adventures in Busland

I went to my service project yesterday for the first "official" time. My house mom and one of the daughters rode the bus down there with me. We got off about 12 blocks late, though, and had to walk back quite a ways to get there. My house mom told me what bus to take back, but she also told me that if I had any questions to just ask the driver if the bus goes to "La Estancia", which is the area where we live. Remember that for later. ;)

The service was... not quite what I expected. The place is REALLY small. They almost have more adults working there than they have kids staying there... and the other girl I am working with has very very bad spanish skills. I was having to translate for her. I´m going to wait and see if things change, but at this point I don´t know that they have enough work for TWO volunteers to do. They were talking about us each coming in one day a week... which is fine on one hand, but on the other hand, I don´t think that´s what our service is really supposed to be about. We´ll see, though. I don´t have to go back there until next Monday.
Anyway... we were only at the agency for about an hour. The other girl immediately hopped on her bus back to her part of town. When the bus my house mother had recommended came, I asked the driver if it went to La Estancia. He said No. Let me explain- to get to my service agency, we took bus 629-2. I was supposed to take back 629-1. That´s the one he said didn´t go by La Estancia. He said that another bus did, but I wasn´t sure if he was saying 629 or 629-A. (There are 10,000 varieties of bus 629!) To be safe, I decided to just hop on the 629-2 and take it back home.
Wroong choice! I rode that bus for an HOUR before I finally saw a street that looked familiar. I managed to hop off right where bus 25 picks us up for school every morning. What an adventure! I took a very long bus tour of Guadalajara- not like I would know how to return to any of those places if I wanted to! Oh well. It could have been much, much worse.

I have been reading everyone´s blogs and diaries, but I don´t usually have the time or a fast enough connection to leave notes. Never fear, though, I am keeping up to date! Courtney´s adventures at GATech crack me up. I wanted to tell Julia that over the weekend I saw a movie version of the book she made me read, Midwives. Sissy Spacek was in it. It wasn´t bad. I just saw the end of it, really.

I´m really excited about having all the channels on our TV now. We have the WB!! I can watch Gilmore Girls!! Katie loves GG too, so it´s doubly awesome.

Okay, these creepy guys on a computer facing mine keep looking at me and saying things. Go away scary mexican boys, go away!! In the US, I would probably be pretty flattered by the attention of someone honking at me or something as they drive by... but it happens SO MUCH here, it is really degrading. Okay, one of the stupid guys just spilled his drink all over himself because he was laughing too hard. Serves him right. :P

Aight... I have lots of free time this week, so I will probably be on in the late afternoons this week. AIM Express doesn´t seem to work on these school computers, but it works (however sporadically) at the internet cafe near our house. I´ll try to chat with some of you guys if you´re around.


  • Yay, another post from Sarah magically appears 10 minutes after I found the last one! It's like one of those doublemint commercials... only I'm not a twin.

    Dude. I so feel you on the guy attention thing. Yeah, it's a little different over here, but... uhhhh... sometimes, I just want to scream "Don't look at me right now! I'm doing my laundry! It's almost midnight, and I'm not "ON"! GO AWAY AAAAH". Haha. I was telling Joyce, the girl across the hall, that I'd like to actually be able to open a door by myself for once. :P I guess it'd be nicer if the guys were actually... uh... appealing, but..... yeah.

    By Blogger Courtney, at 11:43 AM  

  • Ooh, Midwives the movie? Gotta see that. I'm so jealous you get the WB! I don't even get it! Maybe I can find someone that lives off campus to watch it with...I DO have Tuesday nights open now :D That's still when it's on, right? I'm so out of the loop. I'm glad things are looking up for you a bit. Hopefully the service agency will pan out for you, or maybe they should boot the girl that can't speak Spanish. She's not very helpful if she can't understand. I think it's funny that you're translating for someone already ;)

    By Blogger Julia, at 2:46 PM  

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