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Monday, August 23, 2004

Darn slow Mexican internet connection...

I DID have time to write a post, but since it took me 20 minutes to get logged in and open the "new post" page, I now only have time for short blurbs.

I was online for a while on Friday and talked to a few people. I was at the hole-in-the-wall near our house, and the AIM express connection kept getting lost. It was pretty annoying. I wrote half an entry and then it was gone... so sad. Oh well. If I didn´t get to talk to you, sorry.

I didn´t go to class on Friday because I got sick thursday night... a sinus headache that went to my stomach. I was all better after I got some sleep, though. Man, someone reeks of perfume in here. Blech.

So, a nice 3 day weekend... Katie went to Vallarta, so I sat in the house for two straight days doing nothing but watch TV. It was pretty sickening. I am beginning to agree with my dad- I need to find a place to get some BOOKS!

This afternoon I am going to my service project. I don´t know it it is just a meet and greet or if they are dropping me off for my first full day. I haven´t had lunch and I am going to be missing lunchtime.... so that´s no good... I will figure something out, I guess. It stinks, though. After this week I will have done everything this program has to offer. Then I can really make a judgement about how I feel being here, I guess. Toward the end of the week when I get tired it is really hard for me to be optimistic. Unfortunately that´s also when I have the most chances to write or talk to people. It´s pretty messed up.

I´m trying to figure some stuff out about myself... I think there is less than a 2% chance that I will actually come back here for the second semester. I am being more realistic in dealing with staying here for the 4 months I am committed to, though. I know it´s the honorable thing to do. It´s just way harder than I ever thought it would be.

Okay, I gotta run over to the intercambio office so they don´t leave without me or get mad because we are late. Plus, I gotta find a bathroom! Woo.

Have a great week, guys.


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