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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Day 2 in Mexico!

Woo woo. The keyboards here are weird. There are extra keys for the ñ and stuff, and extra ones between the L and the enter key, so I keep hitting the wrong thing. And the apostrophe is in a different place, etc. It will take some getting used to. I will have to stop using so many contractions, eh?

Things here are pretty good. We had yummy tamales for dinner last night. They are cooked in a corn husk or something. Mine was rice with green salsa and chicken. Good stuff. No stomach problems yet, but I am sure that I will have them at some point. I bought a bunch of bottled water at WalMart yesterday so I do not have to drink from the tap so much. At dinner they always have Leche (milk) in a box that is warm. I guess it is okay. It is a box like soy milk comes in. Strange, though. There is also always a pitcher of water and a jug of this stuff called LaLa. It is kind of like tang. It isn´t orange juice, but it´s an orange flavored drink. The air is really dry here, so I am always thirsty. That is kind of annoying. I bought a bottle of Manzanita Sol at WalMart, too. I think that is the kind of Manzana drink that Julia told me to buy. I forget. They also had Manzana Lift. They are carbonated apple drinks. They have Coca-Cola, but they use a different kind of sugar so it tastes funny. They also sell Coca-Cola Lite. They say "lite" instead of diet, but supposedly Coke Lite tastes different than diet. I am not in any big hurry to try it. I am not THAT thirsty yet.

All of the meals here are later than I am used to. Breakfast this morning was at 8:30, before we came here to UAG, but lunch isn´t until around 2 o´clock. Dinner last night wasn´t until after 9. We have a TV in our room. There is an interesting mix of programs. Some are Mexican, some are American with subtitles, some are American dubbed over in Spanish, some are pure english. We watched a bunch of Law and Order yesterday.

Today is 2-for-1 day at the big movie theater in the mall by our house. Katie hasn´t seen SpiderMan 2 yet. She wants to see the new Princess Diaries movie, too. Maybe it will be there today. I am really glad that Katie is my housemate. She and I have fairly similar temperments, I think. We met the other program kids today. There are 3 other girls and one guy. Two of the girls seem like partiers and the third is from New York City and hardly knows any Spanish. She gets really excited when she knows a word. The guy, Jordan, probably has as much Spanish as I do, but everyone else, Katie included, are pretty out of practice or else just plain don´t know it. I am sure that in a couple of weeks we will all be very fluent, though.

They told us about our service agencies today. I don´t think mine is a very good fit- working at a home for extremely troubled young boys- but next week we will tour the agencies and can tell the program director if we would like to work somewhere else. I said today that I would be the most comfortable doing something rather quiet with not too many people, such as arts and crafts or office work. We will see what happens there. We are not supposed to be insulted if the kids at the agencies give us nicknames that seem rude or crass. (At least none of us are of different races. I´d hate to see how some people react to a kid calling them a racial slur all the time.)

We were watching Fox News and the BBC this morning. Lots of stuff about the Scott Peterson case, Bush appointing a new head of the CIA, Kobe Bryant´s lawsuit, etc. It will be interesting to see things like the Olympics and the presidential race from another country. A new perspective, I guess! That was part of what I wanted when I decided to come here.

The "red" here is really slow. (Red = internet.) Patience is a virtue that I am going to have to employ in many areas, and hope that other people have in good measure, as well. It is kind of frustrating not being able to understand everything that goes on around me, but I think I am better off than some of the other kids. (I like how I call them kids even though they are all probably older than me.) They can sometimes figure out the general area being talked about, but any of the finer details are lost. If people speak slowly enough, I can usually understand.

I probably should get going. Katie and I have to walk back across campus to call our host mother so she can come pick us up. Eventually we will ride the bus to school and home, I think, but for the first day or two we are being chauffered around. I am not complaining. :)

I still don´t know all the details of my address. Col. La Estancia is the district... kind of like saying someone lives in Alvamar, I think. Richard Wagner is the street. Other streets near our house: Mozart, Millet, Bach. See a pattern? ;) If there is a zip code of some sort, I do not know it. They don´t do a real good job with the paperwork and information here in the IPSL program. Oooooooh well. I will take what I can get. I know how to walk to WalMart. For now, that is good enough for me.


  • NEVER drink tap water silly. Does your host family have big jugs of clean water around the house? Yay for Manzanita Sol! I'm glad your first 2 days have gone really well. I think you will have an incredible time! Mama and I saw Princess Diaries 2 today, I really wish you had been there though :( We'll watch it on dvd someday together I'm sure. Mama liked it better than the first one. Hooray. BTW I still HATE fat louie. That cat needs to die.

    By Blogger Julia, at 4:00 PM  

  • Hey, tour the guys place, give it a chance - you never know. It's worth expanding into something different; you usually choose all the quiet, isolated things - I think it'd be worth it to try something new. Personal growth, baby: it's a beautiful thing.

    Stepping off my soapbox now, heh.

    They call Diet Coke "Coca Lite" in European countries; it tasted exactly the same to me. I dunno... maybe theyyyyyy... use a different brand of aspartame? Haha.

    "Patience is a virtue" always reminds me of The Mummy: "Not right now it isn't!" Love that movie! Mom watched it obsessively for like two years, or something ridiculous. To the point where we'd be like, "What movie should we watch tonight?" Mom: "Hey, lets-" Us: "NO!" Good movie, though. =)

    By Blogger Courtney, at 8:46 PM  

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