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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Argh... today hasn´t been a very good day. :P

I haven´t slept well the last two nights even though I´ve been really tired... I keep waking up tired and hot and with eyelids that feel like sandpaper. Yucky. I don´t remember the last time I wrote in here. Did I write yesterday? I think I did.

Anyway... for some reason my left hip and leg have been aching like mofos today. I was sitting in class wincing in pain. We had a test in Conversation, and I was kind of mad about it... she told us last week which vocabulary lists we would be tested on (1a, 2, 4, 5, and 6). I studied really hard, but when I got the test there were a bunch of words and terms that I didn´t know. Why? Because there was vocabulary from list 1b on the test. Um... she didn´t tell us that. I was kind of not happy. I know it will only be a few points off, but still! It´s not fair. I would have had those points if I had known I was supposed to study that list. Grr.

After classes I went over to the building where the Intercambio office is and went into the office for extranjeros (foreigners) to try to register my visa. First she told me I needed a letter from the Intercambio office stating that I am a student at UAG. So I went over to the intercambio office, waited about 20 minutes because people kept cutting ahead of me when it was my turn to talk to the secretary, and finally got the letter. I returned to the extranjero place. I handed her all my things again. She pulled out this big packet of forms and began filling them out in duplicate. Then she hands the packet to me, points to the sheet on top, and says, "You need to bring in these things." It´s a crazy long list. It´s like... I have to go to a Mexican bank and pay some big sum of money (500 some pesos, about $50), bring back the receipt and two copies, get SEVEN pictures taken (I am not exaggerating), have my passport and two complete copies of it (that means photocopying EVERY PAGE of my passport TWICE), have 4 pieces of paper with my proof of address (i.e. telephone/water bills, which I of course don´t have) and if I don´t have those then my roommate (which I guess means my host family) has to fill out this other form in triplicate... And that´s not even the entire list, just what I can remember. And I am supposed to do this within 20 days of entering the country. That means by last Sunday, Whoops! Of course, the woman at the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City told me I had THIRTY days to do this stuff. Greaaat. Oh yeah, and if I don´t do this correctly? I could get kicked out of the country. At this point I am thinking that might not be a bad thing.

So yeah. That sucked. So did walking across campus to get Katie from the computer lab after that fun time in the office of evil and then walking BACK across campus and for a really long way to the bus stop, my hip aching the entire way. Then our bus home didn´t stop when we pushed the button, so we had to walk a longer distance from where it finally did stop to let us off to our house.

I´m tired, I´m frustrated, and it´s pouring rain outside and not looking like it will stop anytime soon. Do I have my raincoat or umbrella? Of course not. They don´t believe in the weather channel down here, I tell ya! :P

Anyway... yeah. Maybe y´all will be seeing me sooner than we thought, if I don´t get all this visa stuff worked out. I hate beaurocracy.



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  • I love your mooms, too!


    (yeah, yeah, I know what she meant)

    By Blogger Courtney, at 10:10 AM  

  • Your name signs on at the Weirdest times, for like half a second... like right now, and then at midnight, or at 8pm, or 2:30am.... the aim system gets all confused; it's like "PoetOfHope is sign--never mind". Haha.

    By Blogger Courtney, at 8:44 AM  

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