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Friday, August 13, 2004

I don´t like chiles!

Hola, amigos!

I am back in the lab at UAG. In about 30 minutes there is a taco lunch for all of the international students. Katie and I decided last night that we would eat the tacos and then go home and eat the lunch that our house mother prepares around 2:30 every day. We like to eat! Hehe.

Yesterday I took my spanish placement exam and only placed in level 4. I am kind of annoyed by that. There were 80 multiple choice questions, 10 per level of Spanish. I placed really high in levels 5-7, but because I didn´t score 8 points in the first four sections, I am starting in the lower level to "review some of the basics". Stupid pronouns. Who cares? Oh well. I guess having specific classes is better than having to pick random other ones to take, anyway.

I have an address you can mail me at! Through the exchange department at UAG. Here it is, and remember that you should use FedEx if you can and that whatever you send will probably take from 2-4 weeks to get here, at least.

Sarah Garlow
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
Departamento de Intercambio Universitario
Av. Patria #1201
Lomas del Valle
Guadalajara, Jal. 45110 MEXICO

The "departamento de intercambio" part is really important, because that is the only department that would know how to find me! ;)

Last night we went to this club where lots of international students go. The drinking age down here is I think 18. I didn´t have a good time. I didn´t really want to go in the first place, but Katie wanted to go and see if we could become better friends with the other people in our program, which I guess is a good idea. I knew that our house mother wouldn´t want her to go by herself so soon. So, I went... we were there for a couple of hours. I didn´t drink anything and the smoke really bothered me. There was hardly anyone there when we got there, but within an hour the place was jam packed. I didn´t take enough money with me, only enough to get in, but you get a free drink ticket with the entrance fee. I think it´s still in my purse. I didn´t even want to ask for a Coca-Cola. I feel so young and stupid here sometimes... when I have to talk to strangers, when I am around the other girls in this program (not Katie), when they are talking to us in orientation, etc.

Speaking of orientation... this morning we had an hour and a half lecture on Culture Shock by this guy... man. It was weird. A lot of it was stuff we have heard a lot of times before, but this guy says some of the weirdest things! Like he was telling us... if a guy comes up and asks you if you like chiles, don´t answer. He is not just talking about peppers. Heh, heh. No thank you, keep your chiles to yourself!!! Also, if you say¨"estoy caliente!" instead of "tengo calor" when you are saying you are hot, it comes across as " I am hot and horny!" Woo-ee, things are complicated here! ;)

I was kind of homesick last night, I think because I was really tired and annoyed about the club thing. I would really rather not go clubbing all the time like some of the girls here... and I don´t want to take a trip every weekend to random cities everywhere in Mexico. There is one trip that is school sponsored in October, I think, to Mexico City. I may do that one. Otherwise, I am really very content to stay home. I think I am kind of a chicken about some of this, in ways that the other students aren´t. It probably has something to do with me never having been out on my own before... I am still accustomed to my parents looking out for me and having authority over my decisions and such.

I learned to use the bus yesterday. It´s not that hard to do, but I am kind of worried about getting home this afternoon because I don´t have enough money in coins, and handing the bus driver a 20 peso bill is kind of extravagant, I think... bleh. Maybe Katie can loan me some monedas (coins). Walking down the street is annoying. People are always honking their horns at us, staring, or whistling. Also, crossing the street is nearly impossible. They don´t believe in crosswalks and the pedestrian right-of-way down there. They would really love the opportunity to run you over. That´s how the mexicans get their jollies. Pedestrians- 10 points! Hehe.

Okay, it is about time to go eat some tacos. Adios!


  • Gross, yeah, not wanting to drink is ABSOLUTELY fine.

    Sounds like you and Katie are getting along famously, which is awesome, especially if the other kids are as... interesting, to put it mildly. ;) Always good to have a friend.

    By Blogger Courtney, at 3:35 PM  

  • I embraced the whistling and honking, I don't get that at home ;)

    By Blogger Julia, at 4:56 PM  

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