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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Maybe Song

I have the Maybe song stuck in my head. I'm making it up as I go along. Too many ideas to put it together very coherently as of yet... perhaps I never will.

Last night Murl and I went to see "Thunderbirds" at the movie theater. We were the only people in the entire theater. It was really funny. We could laugh and make comments all we wanted without worrying about anyone getting mad. It wasn't a bad movie. I liked Lady Penelope... she kind of reminded me of my sister, except Lady P is British, and Julia isn't. Everything of Lady P's was pink. Her rocket/car, her chauffer's suspenders, all of her clothes... She could knock out the bad guys while wearing strappy pink sandals with three inch heels. Go Lady P! Hehe.

The air conditioner at Murl's house broke, so it's about 87 degrees inside. Yucky! He has to sit around all day waiting for the a/c guys to come put in a new $1000+ air conditioner. I remember when our air conditioner went kaput a couple of summers ago. It was rather miserable. We had just had our floors redone and Julia was out of town for the summer... we had to rent two of those boxy window a/c's-- one for the living room and one for my parents' room. It was not the funnest time ever. No, indeed.

I'm waiting for my mom to get home with an air conditioned car. My dad took Julia's to work, and my mom is out having iced mocha with a friend. Ooh la la. That leaves me at home with the dodge as my only means of conveyance- and in this heat, that is NOT an option. Not like I would drive it anyway... I haven't driven that car since May, and I don't regret it for one minute. :) No, indeed... my days with the Ghetto Car are over!

I don't even notice my haircut anymore. I knew it would just take a few days to get used to... the only times I do really notice it are when I'm in the shower and there's so much less hair to shampoo and when I brush it out, which isn't as often now because it doesn't get all tangled and nasty and in my way anymore. Woo hoo.

I am seriously craving an Arby's cherry turnover right now. I've been hooked on cherry turnovers since Murl's birthday, when I went to brunch with his family at Teller's. Those turnovers were reaaaaaaally good. I'm reaaaaaaaaaally hungry right now.

*walks away humming the Maybe song.*


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