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Monday, August 16, 2004

Mexican Time

Woo... everything feels so out of whack right now. When you eat breakfast at 7am, you are REALLY hungry by noon, but lunch isn´t until 3! Waaah. Oh well. I bought a box of granola bars today, so I can stick one in my bag and much during the 20 minute "descanso" between my two sections of Spanish. First is Grammer, which was really easy. Teaching me stuff from Spanish 3? Riiiiiiiight. Then was conversation, with a different teacher. I got to go interview 4 mexican students about dating and relationships. And for your information, Mexican couples resolve arguments with "sexo reconciliatión". Um, yeah.

We visited a couple of the service places today. We didn´t see any of the people, i.e. the kids... we just walked in, stood there while someone in charge talked rapidly in spanish about the agency, and walked out. And we were all really hot and tired, so none of us were really paying that close of attention. Whoops.

Thanks for all the supportive comments and e-mails. I was pretty hysterical on Friday night and Saturday. I´m a lot calmer now, but I still feel pretty discouraged. So far it seems like classes aren´t going to be that interesting, the service agencies aren´t really up my alley, and for being in Mexico, there are suprisingly few chances to talk to Mexican students. I wish there was something about being here that really excited me or made me happy. Thus far everything is rather novel because it´s in a different country, but I don´t know how long that will last. At some point the novelty will wear off, and I am going to need to find something I enjoy to get me through this.

I wouldn´t say I am completely recovered from what I was going through this weekend... I am calm, which is a good change, but I´m still not feeling very upbeat about the entire situation. We´ll see how the rest of this week plays out.


  • Gah. You seriously can never trust your first instincts in a new atmosphere. Everything's always crazy and often in a bad way. Personally, I don't think you're there for nuffin. ;-)

    Can you send me an anchilada? :-D

    ~Courtney (from OD)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:49 PM  

  • Yeah, definitely hang in there a little longer. I've still got some serious homesickness issues; I'm trying to get out there and be as busy as I possibly can, because then I won't have time to think about it. It's when I'm alone that it all comes down on me, but the longer I'm here, the better it gets. If you go a couple more weeks and things don't get any more exciting, then you can always stick it out the first semester, since you've already paid for it and it'll look better on your apps next Spring than if you came on back (plus, it's just plain an unusual and awesome experience), and get a job or something for Jan.-College. Getting one should be easier than it was last year, since your hours will definitely be more flexible. But yeah, hang in there - I thought Austen's advice on your last post was wonderful.

    By Blogger Courtney, at 6:56 PM  

  • Today I hung out with Amy Lava and some other people, and she told us you were coming home. All of us were like, "WHAT?!?!"
    I know it's really hard, but I know how strong you are, and I know you can do this. You can't give up now--you've just started. You don't even know yet what you can accomplish or what you can achieve.
    As pathetic as this is, it reminds me of Bug Juice. In an early episode, Caitlin the Goth decides that she can't take it anymore. She's the oldest girl in her cabin, she's always being excluded and she hates camping. So she calls her parents and says she wants to come home--but they aren't willing to come pick her up early, so they make her stick it out.
    And after Caitlin realizes she's stuck, she decides she might as well make the best of it. So she starts getting really involved in arts and crafts and ends up becoming amazing at pottery.
    And in the process, she makes a really strong friendship with Keisha, and through Keisha, she starts meeting other girls. And by the time camp was over, she won awards for her pottery and

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:14 PM  

  • Sarah...
    Amy Lava told me today you wanted to come home. I was very sad when I heard that.
    You have the chance of a lifetime, and if you give up now, you'll never know what you COULD have accomplished. You've come so far. You had to deal with all the applications, the uncertainty, the airport drama, exchanging the money, preparing and getting ready for this... You can't give up now. Yeah, maybe in the short term, it would feel good to be in the comfort of your own home watching TV, but in the long run, you'd be cheating yourself out of something amazing. Think of all the stories you'll have to tell. Think of all the life lessons you'll learn. If you give up now, you'll never know.
    It's like that episode of Bug Juice where Caitlin the Goth wants to go home. She's frustrated that she's the oldest person in the cabin, that everyone excludes her and that camping isn't always easy. She tries to go home; her parents won't let her; so she's just stuck making the best of her situation. And since she has no other option, she has to make the best of it. So she starts doing arts and crafts, and pretty soon, she becomes friends with Kisha. And slowly but surely, Caitlin starts finding things to keep her occupied or keep her mind off of wanting to go home. And by the time the last episode rolls around, she says that she's so grateful she stayed.
    It's like when I quit choir for a day. At the time, I honestly thought I couldn't handle it anymore, and I just wanted out. But for some reason, I decided to stick it out and just make the best of it. Turns out I got to be in some really fun Encore groups and I even won that award. And once the final concert was over, I was so glad I'd stuck it out. If I had quit, I never would have known what I could have done.
    I'm starting to sound all cheesy. I just really want you to do what makes you happy, and I don't think you'll be happy if you quit now. You're such a strong person, and I'd be so proud of you to know that you had an amazing time in Mexico. But if you choose to come back, I'd still support you. Think about it and don't give up. I believe in you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 PM  

  • Aaaahhh... I'm so confused. I thought that first note got deleted, which is why I left the second note, but now it's back... Yes. Ignore the first note--just read the second one. Yes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:30 PM  

  • hee. William just compared you to some campers on Bug Juice. That is going to make me giggle all day...

    By Blogger Julia, at 11:01 AM  

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