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Sunday, August 08, 2004

My Last Day in America

It really wasn't all that exciting. Tragic, I know. ;) I got up and went to lunch at Chipotle with my parents, swinging by Arby's for a cherry turnover on the way home. Then it was time to PACK! My least favorite thing to do, I assure you. I wound up with a huge suitcase on my parents' bed for packing all of my THINGS (books, school supplies, shoes, etc.) and my bed covered in piles of clothing to go in Julia's big blue duffle bag. So much STUFF!

Had a family dinner... barbequed chicken, some mixed vegetables, bread... nothing too amazing, but I'm sure I'll be pining away for meals like that in a couple of months. Did a bit more packing, and Murl came over around 8 o'clock. He bought me a pretty silver and black frame for the picture we had taken last night at the mall... in one of those goofy booths where you pose, and then "rembrandt" "draws" you and it takes forever? Yeah... I'll post the picture after I'm done writing this; I'm sure you're all dying to see it. ;) It's cute. I'm taking it with me. :) We finished up all my packing. I'm under weight, hallelujah! The suitcase weighs about 62lbs, the duffel only about 45. Since they're both allowed to be 70lbs, I'm in the clear. We ate some yummy peach pie with vanilla ice cream (the only way to eat pie!) The other thing we did was go through some pictures to put in those ghetto little "albums" you get when you donate to the Disabled American Veterans and things like that. I'm taking those plus the scrapbook Julia made for my gradution... I've gotta show everyone the faces of all my people back home! :)

I won't talk about the tough goodbye stuff with Murl... you don't deserve to know. ;)

I'm sure my parents think I've been in here crying, but really it's just me trying to stifle my hilarious laughter at Courtney's quoteboard. Like I told her, I wish I had a hard copy to take with me for when I'm feeling down... it's a definite pick-me-up. :)

Tomorrow I'll get up early and go to breakfast with my parents, then come back here and pack my carry-on bag... a backpack with my CD player, cd's, cameras, film, favoritest stuffed animals, prescriptions, etc. My flight leaves KCI in the early afternoon, and if there are no delays I should reach Guadalajara around 8pm. I have about an hour layover in Houston, so hopefully I'll get some food there or something.

Aaaaaaah, I'm so nervous! I know you guys are all thinking about me. Make sure to leave lots of comments (my blog accepts anonymous notes, so you don't even have to have a blog! Just leave your name at the end of it!)

If you're mailing stuff, here's the homestay info I recieved... see if you can make heads or tails of it, I can't, really.

Sra. MarĂ­a Eugenia Bonilla
Richard Wagner #5209
Col. La Estancia

That's in Guadalajara, Mexico, of course. My dad thinks that "richard wagner" is the building or complex, with Col. La Estancia being the street. Whooooo knows. I don't. Maybe tomorrow I will. :) Aaaaaaah! I need to go to bed before I totally pee my pants or something. But you KNOW I'll be lying there awake for hours anyway. Geeze. :P

And thus ends my last day in America.

Oh! 117 days is how long I'll be gone, with tomorrow being day 117 and the day I come home, December 4, being day 0. :) The countdown begins!


  • Aaaaah, byyye, definitely post/email/whatever as soon as HUMANLY possible, and don't forget to post a definite for-sure mailing address when you're there. Bye!

    By Blogger Courtney, at 1:29 PM  

  • Awww, well, good-bye fair maiden. *pretends to cry* Oh, but in brighter news, Mrs. B called me directly at home and "requested" I rejoin choir. Hahahaha. So I'm in choir for a full year. Maybe I should ask her for a recommendation for my application to Creed Repertory Theatre. I've decided to pursue a career in theatre while working part-time in something involved with a museum and the Classics Department. What's this? Lauren planning ahead? Yep. I'm old now. I've got more white hairs than you'll get until you're 40.

    Toodles chappie, Mexico's the limit!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:37 PM  

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