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Monday, August 30, 2004

Rainy Day Monday

It was raining a lot this morning. It wasn´t so bad when we left the house and for the first 10 minutes while we waited for the bus, but after our bus passed us by a couple of times it started to pour. Woo woo. Okay, there is this high pitched whining computer noise going on that is DRIVING ME CRAZY. Make it STOP!!!

Seriously. Aaaaaaaah!

Anyway... my weekend was pretty boring, I guess... On Friday night Katie and I went to the mall by our house and watched "The Notebook." Spanish subtitles, yay for english! "I want thum... pancaketh... and thum... pickleth..." hee hee hee. Uh, this guy just walked by me sucking on his cell phone. That´s strange. Anyway... yeah. Movie friday night, then Saturday we slept in until like... noon... that was nice. Katie wanted to go back downtown, but I really didn´t want to go. She was like, "What, do you want to go to the mall? That´s just like America!" I just left the house... it sucks that we have no space of our own to chill out when things get stressful. We never wound up talking about it... by the time I got home she had gone out with Geni and some of her friends (that´s one of the daughters in our house.) I think our house mom talked to both of us about how sometimes the girls that stay there have different interests, etc, and it´s okay if we don´t do the same things. Thank you! Our house mom is really perceptive. Even if I don´t know what to call her other than "our house mom." Hehe.

Anyway... that kinda spoiled my day. I feel like I am really indecisive here... mostly it´s just uncertainty about where to go or what I am doing or how to do things. I think Katie sees my indecision and decides to take control, which is okay most of the time, but sometimes it feels like she´s bullying me into doing things I don´t want to do. I think that I can get a feel for the Mexican culture without going to clubs or going on trips where people are going to drink all weekend. Maybe I´ll be "missing out" on something, but I don´t really think I´ll be missing it. You know? Anyway... Katie was gone all afternoon, so I had some time to sit and think about things, which is always good.

Yesterday we went to wash clothes. There was this guy there who came up to me while Katie was making a phone call and asked me if I spoke English. I guess he just wanted to practice his English or something... he was pretty nice. A lot older than us, though. I think he was about 26. He gave us his phone numbers and e-mail, but I have no intention of getting in contact with him. Nice guy, but I´m not going to take any risks. Katie thought he was nice, too, but also was kinda skeeved out by the prospect of us "coming to visit while he visits his sister in Cancun". Uh, no. Thanks. But... no.

And the horrible ringing continues. I am going to die.

I have to do this oral presentation for my Conversation class next week. It´s our final project or something... hard to believe I´m almost done with an entire unit of classes here. Next friday is the last day, and then we move on to the next level. Hopefully. I´m not really that worried. Anyway... for this presentation I have to make a poster about a state of Mexico. With pictures and stuff. Where am I supposed to print pictures? I guess I could just try to find some white paper and draw stuff. That´s annoying, though.

This should be an okay week, I hope... today I go back to visit my service agency. Let´s hope I don´t have any more mishaps with the bus! Ugh. I´ll try to judge whether they really have enough work for me to be doing or if I should go somewhere else. It sounds like Jordan, the one guy in the IPSL program, is also having problems settling into his service, so at least I´m not the only one.

My parents sent me a package!! It should get here later this week. I´m pretty excited. I think my mom put books in it! Hooray! :)

Okay, the ringing of DEATH is driving me crazy. I´m going to go now. Have a good week, y´all.


  • I kept checking by here to see if anybody'd left you any notes, when I realized I hadn't left any myself. Doy. Sorry about the whiney noise, haha. My computer was vibrating earlier, so I stuck some tape on the back and now it's quiet again.

    I hope that isn't going to cause some major ridiculous computer problem or anything... it's just Scotch tape...

    Oh, care to hear the hottest piece of Lawrence gossip?

    Jenny's parents are moving to Hilton Head (already knew that, right?)


    Holy cow.

    By Blogger Courtney, at 11:53 PM  

  • Seriously, though - look through that guidebook I gave you and find something crazy, tourist-y, and cheap to do - flea-market, battlefield, historical building, cow cemetary... there's bound to be something funky in there for you to do. Check out the restaurant listings an embark on a journey for the perfect sandwich!

    By Blogger Courtney, at 11:58 PM  

  • And, even. ;P

    By Blogger Courtney, at 11:58 PM  

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