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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Super Grr Face!

I wrote out this big long entry, full of insights and wit, and then when I tried to do something simple like put in a link, POOF! It was gone. A tragedy, I say!

Anyway. What I was trying to say (toward the END of the entry I lost, so I'll put it at the BEGINNING here so if I screw up, I won't lose much!) was that for the last few days I have been very seriously involved in reading every comic in the archives of Something*Positive. Hooray! I made the link! Thanks, Julia, for showing my how. I knew big sisters were good for something! ;) It's a funny comic, in my opinion... probably rather dirty for a lot of peoples' taste. Probably the thing I love about it the most is choo-choo bear, the boneless cat. Oh yes. He's pink, can turn into jelly, slides down the drain when you bathe him, steals underwear for his owner to sell on e-bay, tends to randomly grow tentacles and eat things... hehe. The other thing I love about the comic is Pepito, the Spanish-speaking midget. Poor Pepito was abused in the past, but is on the road to recovery. Hehe. Pepito and choo-choo bear are friends. Well... choo-choo ingested Pepito to save him from his abusive master, and when he spit him back out, they were best buds. Go choo-choo and pepito!

I'm listening to an eclectic mix of Steven Curtis Chapman and the Spanish stylings of a couple of my Strecker-fabulous CD's. WooWoo.

I've lost my earlier inspiration, I fear... your loss, I suppose. It was really just me ranting (for the 9347th time) about how I'm in denial about leaving the country (in 3 days) and not returning for 4 months, and how it's easier just not to think about it at all, and how there's lots of random crap for me to worry about if I do begin to think about going, so I don't think about it. Yeah, we've heard all this before. I won't bore you.

I bought more random crap today. When does the insanity end???

I finally got around to decorating my notebooks. Oh, the many wonderous uses of mod podge... I'm pretty proud of them, I must say. They turned out rather cool. I may experiment and see if they scan well, I can post pictures of my favorites here for you lovely people. (Like you REALLY care what pictures I collaged onto my notebooks. Hehe.) I guess this means I don't have many more excuses for putting off the one assignment I've been given to do before arriving in Mexico.

Did I mention that I got an e-mail with my service and family placements this week? Yeah- totally not informative. It gives the name of my service placement ("Los Pinos", which either means "The Pine Trees" or "First Steps") and the name, address, and telephone number of the woman I'll be with. Nothing else, though. Even 2 sentences would be helpful. "Sra. Maria Bonilla is a widower with 3 adult children. She works for the university." or "Sra. Maria Bonilla has an extensive collection of ceramic dog figurines and loves to knit purple sweaters." But no. Nothing. So... I have names, but they're pretty meaningless.

I'm not sure what to do now. I've done just about everything I can do online... no more fun comics to keep me up until 4am... I don't have any books to read, because I'm afraid I'd forget to return them to the library and would therefore incur some SERIOUS late fees. (Yikes!) I could re-read one of the 300 books on my bookshelf, but I've actually done a lot of that this summer... I'm kind of running out of ones that I want to re-read. :P Bleh. Normal people would go to sleep at 1am, but me? I cry out indignantly, "THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG!"

I color coordinate today. It makes me proud. :)


  • I have assimilated you to my color coordinating ways!

    By Blogger Julia, at 8:45 AM  

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