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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Chivas! Atlas! Goooooooooool!

Woo hoo... so yesterday I went to a futbol (soccer) game in the biggest stadium I have ever seen in my LIFE. 60,000 people fit in this thing, and it was pretty dang near full. The teams playing were the Chivas and Atlas, both native teams to Guadalajara. It was like FS vs LHS or KU vs KState. Only... futbol and Mexicans?
It was a lot of fun. I went with a big group of people... Katie and her boyfriend, a couple of girls who are roommates, this girl from Oklahoma who was drunk, Tim who I hung out with in Mazetlan who also got drunk, Mateo who I mentioned in the last entry who apparently is only 25, not 30something... yeah. If there´s one thing I have learned about myself in Mexico, it´s that I am a HORRIBLE judge of age. Honestly.

Anyway...everyone was cheering for the Chivas, but Mateo got me to cheer for Atlas with him, which rocked because Atlas won, 3 to 1. Woo woo! After the game there were 60,000 people leaving the stadium, so it was kind of hectic sticking together, but we managed to do it, and we even managed to squeeze onto a bus together. The first bus that came! We ruled. We went out to eat at this taco place that was pretty good. After that we hung out a while, then 6 of us (Katie, Alfonso, Kristy (the drunk girl), Tim, Mateo, and I) went to Alfonso´s apartment to hang out. Alfonso actually salsa danced with Katie, even though in Mazetlan he was poopy and pretended like he couldn´t. She was SO happy. She was practically glowing as he whirled her around in circles! Hehe. I definitely can NOT dance like that. Woo.

So, yeah... yesterday was fun. I think Mateo is becoming a friend... it´s cool because we can talk in either Spanish or English and have intelligent conversations, ha. It seems weird because he´s so much older than me, but I really need to stop being bothered by that. Basically everyone here IS at least 3 years older than me, and often times more... but I forget that after a certain point, 3 or 5 or 7 years of age difference doesn´t really make that big of a difference. A 20 year old dating a 26 year old isn´t anything like an 18 year old dating a 12 year old. I´m still the youngest one in my class, but people treat me generally like a peer and an equal. I think I just exaggerate things in my head, you know?

I think I´m just kind of emotionally... weird right now. I´m right in the middle of my time here in Mexico... I´m moving into adulthood, I´m seperating from my life before, I´m anticipating my life ahead, but I´m trying to live my life now. Does any of that make sense? Haha... I don´t know.

Anyway... hope you guys are having a good weekend, too. Today Katie and I are going to go do some shopping... pretty low-key. I may play tennis with Mateo on Wednesday, even though I have 0 tennis skills. I have two tests tomorrow that I need to study for, whee... just another week in Mexico, I guess!

If you´d like a more detailed account of a mexican futbol game or my adventures therin, feel free to write me at *end shameless plug*


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