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Monday, September 27, 2004

¿Cómo te va?

Hola, mis queridos amigos Americanos!

Happy Monday. (I know, I know.) Hope it´s treating everybody well. I don´t know why I am writing another post so soon after my last one. It´s not like I have a whole lot to say. Haha. Oh well. Eagerly soak up every word I generously bestow upon you infidels!

Yesterday, after being on the internet for two hours (oops!), Katie and I went to the Mega store. We bought a boom box. Haha. A CD/Tape/Radio. It cost about 400 pesos, or 40 dollars, and we split it. Our plan is to leave it here as a gift to our host family and/or whoever lives in our room next. Katie is thrilled to be able to listen to the radio. She´s one of those girls who always goes around singing whatever song happens to be in her head. It drives me a little crazy, but maybe if I can hear the songs, too, it won´t be that bad. Maybe. We´ll see. ;) I also bought some nifty athletic pants, in case I wind up playing tennis with Mateo on Wednesday. I do NOT feel inclined to go around in shorts here, and that´s the only thing I brought that´s suitable for exercise. Ugh... I can just imagine what would happen if I got on the bus in athletic shorts. The shaaaaaaaaaaame!

This morning 5 buses passed us. That´s right. Not just one or two. FIVE. We got to the bus stop at the normal time, but didn´t get on a bus until 30 minutes later. It´s so aggravating. Sometimes the buses will do this psych-out thing where they will start slowing down and pulling over, so you think they´re stopping, and then they speed up and drive by. And the bus is half empty. I think the bus drivers do it just to get their jollies. Grr. Anyway, we didn´t get to school until 8:30- half an hour after class started- so I didn´t go to my mexican society class. Instead I sat out and studied for my test and got ready for my presentation.

My grammer test was EASY. I was the first person done. Piece of caaaaaaaaaake. This is what good comes from paying attention in high school spanish!! Then in Conversation I had to do a presentation, and of course I got to go first. All of the other students had pages of notes and things written out, but I just went up there and talked. We were supposed to talk about something relating to our vocabulary, and one of our lists was about social problems, so I just talked about working at Heidi y Pedro and what they do there, and what kinds of kids are there, and why there is such a need for agencies like that. It went rather marvelously, if I do say so myself.

Annoying girl Jennifer in my class was, yet again, annoying... she was trying to be my mother and tell me what to do, and was telling me not to be a "Bad Bunny" (except she pronounced it bone-y). Whaaaaaaaaat? She started to talk to me after class, and I was like... "DON´T talk to me." She just laughed. She thinks I´m a hilarious little kid. Why? Why? Argh.

Bueno... I don´t have a lot more to say. Just thought I´d tell you about my monday. I´m basically just killing time in the computer lab, if you couldn´t tell. Yeah, like that´s unusual... ;)


  • lmao, boney? You have quite the adventures sistah. I miss you and I wish I was in Mexico with you right now instead of here! I'm having a bad day :( Waah. At least you're having a good Monday though! I'll try to email you soon and let you know what's up. A little over 2 months, I miss you so much!!!

    By Blogger Julia, at 12:46 PM  

  • Mmmm, little bone-y.


    EWWWWW aaaha AUGH god bleh gross whoah okay. Good morning!

    By Blogger Courtney, at 1:54 PM  

  • I know this girl named Jennifer - another one of the millions here - and she is soooo annoying. It is unbelievable. You canNot imagine the level of annoying this girl has reached. I'll tell you a story sometime.

    By Blogger Genevieve, at 10:27 PM  

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