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Sunday, September 12, 2004


Woo woo... today is a gorgeous day in Guadalajara. Kind of cool out, bright blue skies, sunny, light breeze.

It´s been a good weekend. Pretty uneventful... my finals went well on Friday, and then we had that party thing... it was crazy. There were thousands of people there! All these different schools... and they ran out of food, so I didn´t get much to eat. Oh well. There was music and stuff... it could have been worse. No one I know won anything. They were giving away things like trips to iceland to see figure skating and cell phones that are totally covered by a phone company. Nutso.

Friday night Katie decided to go out to a bar with some friends... that´s not really my scene, so I stayed home. At dinner our house mother made this traditional mexican drink that goes with tamales. Apparently it´s like "hamburgers and coca cola"- you drink this drink when you eat tamales. Anyway... it was this hot drink that was white and sweet and really good. I liked it. Katie missed out! ;) I also got into a really nice conversation with my host father about how I´m taking a year off before going to college and what Lawrence is like and things like that. I´ve been having a lot more conversations in spanish this week. It´s good for me. ;)

So, guess what time Katie got home on Friday night? Really, guess. 4:45am. I kid you not. I remember waking up and looking at my clock and being like, "What the heck?" and going back to sleep. Surprisingly enough, she got up earlier than I did yesterday, though. Katie went to Chapala, this lake kinda near here, with a big group of people and I stayed home. I wound up going to the mall with Geni, the younger daughter in the family, and we sat at McDonalds and ate french fries and talked for about an hour. Last night Katie got home a little earlier- only 4am. Is that not crazy? It makes me really glad I didn´t go with her. I would have been miserable if I got that little sleep! Speaking of little sleep... M.G., the older daughter in our house, is in her second semester of Medical School at the University of Guadalajara, and she hasn´t slept a full night since school started two weeks ago. Usually she sleeps from 10 to midnight and then gets up to do homework. Yeah. I would DIE. Seriously.

Today I really need to do some laundry! I think that´s what Katie and I are going to do after lunch. That way I will have some clean clothes for Mazetlan. I´m not sure what I am going to pack my stuff in... the only suitcases I have are the huuuuuge one and then the duffle bag Julia lent me, which is also rather large... but at least that one would take up less room if I didn´t fill it all the way. We´ll see.

Man, there are a bunch of little kids in here today. Very strange.

I guess this isn´t a whole lot more interesting than when I was writing every single day. Oh well. Someday I will have fascinating adventures to tell you about.

I´ve been thinking more about next semester... how weird it will be to go home and not have Jenny or Courtney there. Their families have moved away... they can come for visits, but it won´t be the same. It will be weird not to be going to school while Murl and everyone is busy with classes and papers and stuff. I´m going to get a job, but I don´t have any idea what I will do. Just work and save money for next year... I may go to California for a preview weekend at Azusa Pacific in January, and my sister talked about taking a sistah-sistah road trip over spring break or something. We´ll see. I´m sure it will work out... I just really feel like I´m in limbo. Not a high school student, but not really in college yet, either. Woo.

Okay, that´s all for today.


  • Ooh, preview weekend - sounds neat.

    Ooh, road trip... TO SEE ME!!!!

    Haha. You know you want to. Oh yeah. Oh yes. You do. :P

    By Blogger Courtney, at 1:53 PM  

  • sounds like more fun then you want us to believe. ;) I love you, sar!

    By Blogger Genevieve, at 2:46 PM  

  • here's another vote for coming to see Cout! -- I live half a block away from her! visit her, and visit me too!!

    ...I have a crazy roommate, too... last night, she got home at 4:45. during the week, she's back around 2. CRAZY.

    By Blogger Audrey, at 5:20 PM  

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