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Friday, September 24, 2004

Gracios a Dios que es Viernes.

Yeah, TGIF is a saying, even in Spanish. Woo hoo.

Today has been weird. I went to stupidclass this morning and he was all weird about me not having my test... we are supposed to have a meeting at some point. Martha from Intercambio gave me some stuff on Mexican History, though, so maybe I can do the test this weekend. It`s dumb that I should require outside resources to complete it, though. It`s not supposed to be that kind of test. It`s supposed to be over what we`ve learned in class- if we all have to look at things OUTSIDE of our class materials to understand it, then there is something wrong. Anyway.

The annoying girl in my spanish class sat next to me again today, meaning that we got paired up for everything. She doesn`t know anything, I swear. She seemed to realize that there was something absurd about our being paired, though, because she kept apologizing for being so stupid and asking if I was mad at her.

I went out to lunch at Vips with Katie and her boyfriend Alfonso and this guy named Mateo today. Mateo was born in Peru, then moved to the US. I don`t know how old he is, but I think he`s 30 something. He told me that I speak Spanish really well, which was a nice complement. This afternoon when i went to my service, Julio, a guy who works at Heidi y Pedro, told me I look like a girl from Jalisco (the state where Guadalajara is.) So, lots of complements today.

I`m in a wierd mood. I can`t explain it. Blah.

Tomorrow we are going to a Chivas game. That`s like the pro-soccer team here. Cool times. Hopefully it will be fun.

I`m gonna go. It`s dark outside already and this keyboard sucks. Later.


  • *cough* You're being hit-on. *cough* Well, maybe. Who really knows? After all, you're in Mexico and we're in...well, we're in the U.S. Whee fun. It's nearly October. Yay. Can't wait for Halloween. Do they have Halloween in Mexico? I know Day of the Dead is kinda like Halloween...


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