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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Hump day! A better day than the first two of this week, thank GOD. I got an extra hour of sleep this morning which was veeeery appreciated... yup yup. My spanish classes went well... in my Conversation class we went to talk to the Level 6 English class. I was in a group of 3 with one Mexican girl and another American girl. The American didn´t want to speak Spanish and the Mexican didn´t want to speak English. It was amusing.

After classes I went over to the Intercambio office to talk to Martha about my dumb Institutions in Mexican Society class. I basically just told her how, even though I go to class every single day that class is held and take notes and read all of the assignments from the book, I am absolutely clueless. I would be glad to learn about the history of Mexico, but the system so far is not working for me. I think she already had some doubts about my professor´s teaching style, so she is supposedly going to talk to him. In the meantime, she had some ideas for extra materials or books that she could recommend to me to help me understand what we are learning about. Hopefully that will do the trick. At least now I feel like I´ve spoken up and tried to do something, you know?

Ooh! When I walked into the office, the secretary told me that I had mail. I had completely forgotten that my sister had sent me a card! It was so awesome. It totally made my day. :) It took a couple of weeks to get here, which is why I spaced it... it was a very good surprise, though. Murl has been trying to send me something, too, so that will be very nice. I enjoy mail. It makes me feel loved! Hehe.

So... yeah. What else? Um... I have become insanely addicted to McDonalds. Seriously. I go there just about every day. It´s like... "¡Papas a la francesa medianos, una coca-cola mediano, y un pay de manzana, por favor!" Yesterday sucked because they were all out of pay de manzana. How is that possible? You don´t just run out of pay de manzana!!! (I think I just like the apple pies because it´s spelled "pay". Heehee. Plus, an apple pie is better than a pay de piña or a pay de queso. Who wants pineapple or cheese pies? Ew!) Yeah. Pretty soon they are going to start recognizing me. I´ve already made friends with the ladies who wait at my bus stop when I go down to Heidi y Pedro in the afternoons. And the guys here at the computer place... I still get huge discounts every time. Yesterday I came in for like... 10 minutes and I didn´t even have to pay. The guy just waved me out the door, haha. Oh, the benefits of being an American!

Right now I am just killing some time here... I dropped my laundry off to be washed. I didn´t feel like washing it myself, and the place is still having water problems, and really it only costs 20 or 30 pesos more... I can pick it up tomorrow. I used up most of my clothes in Mazetlan, haha. I need to find someplace cheap to buy clothes. I am really getting sick of wearing the same stuff over and over! All of the women´s clothes here are designed to be supersmall and supertight, though. The women here... geeze. It´s all tight pants and shirts and impossibly high heeled shoes. I´m like... if I am going to be sweating and riding a bus every single day, there is no way! Plus, I do so much walking, my feet would fall off in shoes like that. Oops, sorry, I got off subject. Anyway... yeah. I dropped off clothes, I´m chilling here, and then I am going to go to the mall to use the ATM, then across the street from the mall to Mega (which is like WalMart) to buy some essential items, and then quite possibly back to the mall to eat at McDonalds. Yup. I am pathetic.

Okay... I think that´s all for now... tomorrow I get to sleep in again, which will be nice. I think I was just behind on my sleep from the weekend and it was making everything seem a lot worse. I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying the first day of fall! I´m sad to be missing out on the autumn leaves and everything. It will be weird to go from Mexico weather to Kansas in December! Hehe. Love y´all!


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