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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

It´s practically the weekend

For me, anyway. Haha. Tomorrow I am coming home early to get my stuff and then I am off to Mazetlan. Woo woo. Tonight I will be doing a lot of packing. I was supposed to go by the laundromat this afternoon to see if Katie´s clothes were done early, but I am trapped here right now with no umbrella while it pours outside. Niiiice.
They did wind up dividing our Spanish class. I´m no longer with the cool people I had class with in Level 4, which sucks, but I have my favorite Level 4 teacher again, except this time for Grammer, so that kind of makes up for it. Plus they gave me my book for less than 5 dollars, which is better than the 13 dollars they cost in the bookstore.

Yesterday I went to McDonalds and it was amazing. I had gone to my service place to work, but the lady wasn´t there AGAIN so I was just like, "Forget it" and turned right around and left. I got off the bus at the mall and had french fries and a coke and a "pay de manzana" (because pie is spelled pay here) and they were soooo good. I wanted to go back today, but I came here first and now it is pouring rain and I still have to walk to see if Katie´s laundry is ready and of course yesterday I took the rainjacket that has been in my bag for two weeks OUT of my bag so I am going to get very wet. I am tired of using punctuation, can you tell?

I guess I am in a better mood today. Just tired... last night I got up at 1 to take some sinus medication and then I had some SERIOUSLY weird dreams. Oh yeah... after I went to McDonalds yesterday I went to wash my clothes. Remember how sunday there was no water? Yesterday they had water... but they had to get it from a hose. So the used a garden hose to fill the washing machines and then added water from this big barrel. Is that nutso or what? Oh well. I have clean clothes now, so it´s all good.

Not much more to say... just thought I should leave a brief update before I go on my trip. My next chance to write will be Sunday or Monday, so I will catch up with y´all then. Feel free to write me an e-mail in the meantime, if you so desire. Happy Mexican Independence Day!


  • oh WEIRD i dreamed you called me from mexico on your cell phone, then suddenly cut out because of service or something (i couldnt hear you but my phone said we were still connected), so i got online to talk to you, but then i realized i'd accidently gotten on the little computer the hotel bellboy had left on my room desk while he went to inspect something, so i had to quickly delete your name and rush back to my computer before he noticed. WHAT?! hahahahah

    By Blogger Courtney, at 7:19 AM  

  • Mazetlan... that sounds like Mazeltov.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:05 PM  

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