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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Les sugiero que no traten de hacer esto en casa.

Word. My life is boring. Um... howsabout I just post some little bullets about goings-on instead of attempting to form a coherent post. That sounds like a good plan.

  • I have definitely been eating too much McDonalds. If only it weren´t so darn good!
  • Katie was getting on my case for not doing my takehometest for the mexican history class. Um, if I don´t even understand enough to BS my way through it, then no, it´s NOT better that I just try to throw something together for the sake of turning something in. Besides, it is my grade, not hers.
  • I went to my service today, but the door was shut and locked. Literally! I couldn´t get in. So I wasted 7 pesos in bus money and an hour of my life traveling there and back for no reason. Thanks!
  • I can´t believe Murl broke his elbow. Crazy!
  • This crazy girl in my class has latched herself onto me... she never, ever speaks in Spanish, she sings weird songs about her bunnies, and she told me that I was 12 years old. And yet, she wants to copy off of me or have me teach her Spanish or something. I`m like... you are 24! Get a life! Aaaah.
  • I have eaten at least 2 varieties of green soup here. And you know what? They were both pretty good. Go figure.
  • I seem to be cursed with small, annoying children this week. Every time I go somewhere or get on a bus, there are loud, crying, energetic, annoying children in close proximity. It´s yucky.
  • I really, really love getting e-mails from you guys. Your comments get emailed to me, too, so comments are also good. If you would like to and have a few minutes to spare, write me at and tell me the mundane details of your life. I will cherish them, I promise!
  • I am done spamming for mail and wasting your time now.
  • Bye.


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