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Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday Blahs

I am in a rather crummy mood today. I don´t know what´s wrong with me. I apologize in advance if this post is just a list of complaints.

There is this girl sitting near me wearing this bright pink hooded shirt/dress thing over pants and a biiiiiiig white ribbon bow around her head like a headband. Her hair is dyed this fakey red/orange color. She keeps talking to someone near her VERY LOUDLY. Like she´s yelling at the entire room. Go pinky-orange girl, go.

My new Spanish classes aren´t very fun. Both of my teachers (one man, one woman) seem a lot more strict and less fun than my old teachers. Plus, now that all the japanese students are gone they smushed all of the remaining people from the 3 classes of level 4 into ONE class of level 5. That meant that twenty of us were crowded into this tiny classroom. I think tomorrow they are going to split the classes up, and I am praying I get different teachers. There´s a rumor that one of them may be Mary, the teacher I really liked from level 4. That would be awesome. There are a lot of girls in my class that I don´t like. They´re all friends and americans and loud and they only speak in Spanish when forced to, so of course they speak it really horribly. Pronounce everything wrong, etc. I hope that I get moved out of their class. People like that piss me off. You´re in freaking MEXICO to learn SPANISH and yet what do you do? Make friends with all Americans, speak to your Mexican friends in English, don´t come to class or pay attention or try to improve at all. And then whine about how it´s so easy to never speak Spanish here. It´s just as easy to only speak Spanish if you´d just TRY. Geeze.

I´m kind of pissed at Katie. I don´t know. It just seems so disrespectful to me that she got home after 4 both nights this weekend. She didn´t set her alarm right this morning, and she slept through mine, too, so she didn´t have time to take a shower. Speaking of showers, she´s been using my towels. That´s right. I read before I came how we should bring our own towels, but she apparently didn´t. I´m okay with her using the hand towel I put on the rack. I can even make myself be okay with her using my washcloth every single day in the shower. But the day that she used my freshly washed bath towel, I spoke up. Why yes, Katie, I DID bring towels, in case it wasn´t obvious that I took them to the laundromat every single time while you just hand your dirty towel to our house mother to wash. I hate when people are so unobservant!

Speaking of the laundromat, we went there yesterday to wash clothes and they were OUT OF WATER. How does that WORK? So strange. Anyway... today I am going to have to rush around after my service and try to get my clothes washed before the place closes at 8:30. That´s better than just dropping them off to be washed, like Katie has to do, because that costs at least twice as much. I´d rather not pay that much. I´ll just sit for two hours and wait for my laundry myself, thanks.

The bank here only gives out money in 50´s and 200´s, both of which are rather on the huge side for everyday spending. Considering the bus costs 3.5 pesos and a snack maybe 16, it´s hard to break a 200 unless you buy something big. I don´t want to buy big stuff this week because I´m trying to save some money for Mazetlan, but I don´t really want to take a bunch of 200´s with me and then have problems spending them. After Katie´s weekend, my doubts are renewed about my trip, also. If it´s just going to be a bunch of going to bars and staying out until freakish hours of the night/morning, I don´t know how much fun I am going to have.

I´m pretty disappointed in this program overall. It´s really not what I expected it to be, and not what I think I was led to believe it would be. The classes I take for the Partnership program are pretty much worthless. I don´t have any classes with Mexican students. My service isn´t tying into my classes the way I think it´s supposed to. I really feel pretty useless there. I´m only there about 6 hours each week, and all I do is hang out watching Smallville or playing basketball or putting labels on 35 jars of beads.

In some ways I´m just depressed... by taking finals last week and ending a level of Spanish, it made it feel like things were wrapping up- like this was almost over. Now it´s time to start all over again, and I realize that I have to do 3 more levels of Spanish before I come home. Is this even worth it?

I miss Starbursts and Reese´s peanut butter cups and arby´s cherry turnovers. I feel guilty if I ever go eat McDonalds french fries, because that´s just like America. I would talk to Mexicans if I had more chances, but I think my family will get tired of having long conversations with me after a while, and the kids at Heidi y Pedro aren´t always very talkative.

I just want to grow up. I feel like a stupid kid here, and I just want to grow up.

Happy Monday.


  • I'm sorry you're having a crummy monday. Just remember I love you! Well, we ALL love you, but I'm speaking for me right now. I actually think of you everyday, can you believe it? I bet you don't. ;) It's just kind of bizarre thinking, oh, I'll call Sarah. No, wait, I can't, she's in MEXICO. a little like you're being in Lawrence next semester with out us. Jeeze, I'm in a mood. a freakin' weird one, too. I love you, and I miss you. You mean the world to me, and have fun this weekend. I'm going to be, that's for sure.

    By Blogger Genevieve, at 2:45 PM  

  • I'm sorry babe. It sucks about things not turning out very well...but just definitely remember what Jenny said. She's right we do all love you and we're here whenever you need to unload ;) I love you so much just keep sane!

    By Blogger Spesearg, at 2:49 PM  

  • Katie sounds like Quinn. GR.

    (=roomie from last year, came home at unGodly hours, made a mess of bathroom, etc. GR.)

    This calls for an empathizing tale of MY roomie situation. So okay, I'm living in a house off-campus (thank God) with 3 other girls I only just met. Erin and I have rooms downstairs, Nancy and Jackie have the rooms on the main floor where there's a kitchen, living room, etc.

    And APPARENTLY they got the idea that the main level section of the house is basically their territory, and downstairs is ours. Meaning that they don't want us using the living room/dining room, we just share the kitchen and crawl back to our lil hermit holes. So downstairs we have a small common area with a little tv, and then the laundry room (which we have to share with the other two) and every time I come upstairs they have the sliding doors for the kitchen and living room CLOSED on us, like we can't trespass or something.

    Which is all ludicrous because the whole house is to be shared, not divided off. THAT'S WHY WE ALL HAVE KEYS FOR EVERY DOOR, NOT SEPARATE ENTRANCES. AND THE DINING ROOM TABLE HAS 4 CHAIRS FOR F-O-U-R PEOPLE.

    okay I'm done.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:57 AM  

  • oh and OD got attacked and now everybody's entries are finito. :) only for a while though, so says the DM. My MONEY, however, tells me that I aint gettin' NUFFIN BACK.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 AM  

  • Yeah, OD was attacked. I lost 2 and a half months worth of entries. So you missed lotsa info. I updated...but *sniff sniff* Now I've got nothing that was really awesome from the summer.

    I'll buy you a pack o' Reese's and Starbursts when you get back. People deserve good ol' American candy. Yay!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:39 PM  

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