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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Package Time!!!

FINALLY! I got my package! Uh... the one my parents sent me, that is. Wipe those dirty thoughts from your minds! The customs people stole the Doritos and Starbursts from it... dang them... I guess you aren`t allowed to mail food, or else they were hungry. Anyways... there were a couple of books, a couple of magazines, a dozen hair scrunchies (?), and the video of Sense and Sensibility. Katie was SO excited when I told her that. We saw 5 minutes of it on TV the other day, but it was dubbed over in Spanish. Like 3/4 of our channels... we`ve gotten hooked on watching certain shows like the O.C. and this show called Wonderfalls that plays on Fox. Oh, and Friends. Lots of Friends.

Tomorrow I have a final! Yup, that`s right... tomorrow is my last day of Level 4 Spanish. I got 100% on my presentation today, woo, even though I had to follow the totally kickass presentation by the German guy. He has some serious Spanish skeelz. I don`t know why he`s in Level 4... he has gotten 100% on every test so far. Maybe he`s never learned it before but is just crazy good at studying. That`s always possible.

I read about the situation at Courtney`s school... dang. Very surreal, I`m sure... and scary and sad and just... psycho. Man.

So... what else? Not a whole lot left to say. Right now I`m at the "head" computer at the hole in the wall place. The computer they gave me was the crappy one I had a couple of days ago that doesn`t like cookies or javascript or the AOL website... so the guy working here traded me. I think he`s fixing it right now, or at least playing around with it. I`m afraid I`m going to hit the wrong button or something and screw this all up! There`s music playing on the speakers from this computer... Something by "Big Youth" right now.

I swear, my typing skills are going to be totally screwed by the time I get back to the US. I am actually getting used to the quotation marks being above the number 2, the "at" symbol being on the letter Q, and the apostrophe being backwards and to the right of the letter P. Also, instead of the semicolon there is the ñ button (the semicolon is down next to the M, on the same button as the comma. To the right of that is the period and the colon.) I`m sure none of that made sense... but just imagine having to reach over one key farther to hit Enter every time, having to delete the extra apostrophe every time because it doesn`t show up until you type the next letter, and having to hunt for things that used to be so easy to find! I`ll finally get used to this and then go home and be totally screwed. Oh well. Thus is life.

Anywho... I think I will sign off for now. Sorry my week hasn`t been more interesting. I promise next week will be better, ok? After all, I am taking a 4 day vacation to Mazetlan, woo! Good times. I hope. :) I`ll talk to y`all later this weekend.


  • Don't get too attached to Wonderfalls, it got cancled after less then one season.

    Always Believe,

    By Blogger Good Ol' WT, at 5:59 PM  

  • I miss my sistah sistah too :( What if I cut churros tummy open and sewed french fries inside for you and mailed him to you? He'd never forgive me...but you'd get some American food!

    By Blogger Julia, at 8:38 AM  

  • Hello! I sent you a postcard the other day, but I have no idea whether or not it'll ever get there. I put over a dollar's worth of postage on it, which I thought was enough to get to Mexico, but now I'm not certain. Anyway, hopefully you'll get it.
    And the Majestic is sitting at home (in Kansas) right on the shelf.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:21 PM  

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