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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

You and me on a bird flying away

There is some crazy techo music playing in here. Veeeery strange. It makes me feel like I´m at a rave instead of a computer place. Haha.

I guess "very strange" defines how I´ve been feeling the last few days. I don´t really know what is going on in any aspect of my life. Katie has been laughing at me pretty much nonstop for three days, which is always fun... I feel pretty stupid, too. Today I feel a little more in control. As much fun as nonstop idiocy can be, I´m definitely glad to be past that, even if it´s only temporary.

Argh... the thing that frustrates me about the keyboards here is that while they are all different from US keyboards, they´re not all the SAME different. For example, on this one the apostrophe key isn´t next to the P like it is on most of the other ones... it´s approximately where the semicolon is on american keyboards. I keep having the backwards apostrophe, which I know is annoying to you guys. Argh. I just get used to something, and then it´s all screwed up again! Story of my life, I swear.

Anywho... this week is shaping up much better than last week. I got my test back from yesterday. 99 baby, oh yeah! I rock. Plus, this level is some SERIOUS review. It´s actually a bit boring, but I like the people in my class and the teachers and stuff... and I´m not about to whine about having an easy class or two. Or all of them... heh.

Other good things about this week:

Yesterday was fun... I met up with my friend Mateo at the Plaza Galerias after working (read: sitting around for two hours doing nothing) at Heidi y Pedro. We wound up going to see The Terminal, which was a pretty cute movie. I missed it in the US, but everything gets here a few months late. The current new releases are Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (already on DVD in the US, unless I´m mistaken!), A Cinderella Story, and Jersey Girl. Hahaha. Anyway... it was a good movie, and the theater is soooooo nice... it still amazes me. The theaters have stadium seating, but they are ENORMOUS, with tons of leg room and the kind of arm rests that you can put up... very classy. And either they clean really well between movies or everyone is more respectful of theaters here, because they´re always extremely clean. Anyway... after the movie we ate some McDonalds (I know, I know!! But it was just because it was the fastest food there was) and then Mateo had to run and catch the bus before it stopped running at 10. It was a nice evening, I got to find out some more about him, and since I didn´t have any homework due to having tests and presentations yesterday, I didn´t miss out on anything at home. Good times.

Today is actually a really nice day... it´s not overcast or raining! It will probably rain tonight, but I´ll take what I can get. As long as I don´t get caught in it, I don´t mind. I´ve schooled myself to just always take my umbrella and/or raincoat with me when I go out, no matter how nice it looks. If you are gone long enough, it WILL rain. Guaranteed. I´m glad I´m not trying to impress anyone here. I´m sure the wet and bedraggled look is REALLY attractive. I´m really getting sick of my clothes, though. I have about two weeks worth, if I wear each pair of pants twice... I think I would be happy if I just had a few more shirts or something. Maybe I can work on that when I got to Mexico City the weekend of the 22nd of October. I´m really looking forward to that trip. It will be rather educational since it´s run through the Intercambio department, but it´ll be really safe. (Mexico City is the largest city in the world, yikes!) Katie isn´t going, because she has been to Mexico D.F. a ton of times before, but some of my other friends are, so it will be good.

This Friday is another "excursión" (field trip) with the Spanish department. Instead of Tequila, we are going toTonolá, where they make a lot of things... they have lots of markets and stuff. We are supposed to visit factories or something. I still need to go in and pay my 30 pesos, but yeah... It´ll be nice to have a day off from classes.

I don´t have to go back to Heidi y Pedro until next Monday, which is kind of cool... basically the lady I was supposed to work with finally admitted that she didn´t have anything for me to do and passed me off to this guy named Julio, who the other IPSL girl, Chara, has been working with. We´re going to work on this project... they´re putting together a brochure thing that they can give to potential sponsors to let them know about the Refugio. Chara has been conducting interviews with some of the kids who have lived at HyP for a long time... I´m going to type them on the computer, we´ll pick some photos to go with, put it all together, send it to a printer... it should be cool. Chara only goes in on Monday and Tuesday, though, and I have to wait for her to finish something before I can get started with my part, so I won´t be going back until next week. I´m not sure what I will do with myself all week! Haha.

Funny story that I don´t think I related yesterday... I was talking to this Korean girl Isobel (not her real name, her Mexican name) about her weekend, and she said that she had to go shopping with her host mother because the maid in their house stole 800 pesos from her... and ALL OF HER UNDERWEAR. All her bras, all her underwear, everything! I mean... money, I can understand. But underwear? I guess the maid had been fired, but they left her alone in the house on her last day (not smart) and she took advantage. Creepy!

Okay, the guy is making me switch computers, so I am going to wrap this up. Adios, y´all.


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