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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Chilled on Sunday

I like Sunday. It´s a pretty good day. We get to eat yummy chicken and flautas for lunch, there is always a 4 hour marathon of good tv shows on Fox from noon to 4 (the last three weeks have been Tru Calling- I am addicted!) and... why else? I guess because it´s still the weekend, but because the weekend is almost over and I have to go to school the next day, I don´t have to feel as guilty if I don´t have any plans for my day.

My plans for today are to stay here for a while, maybe get working on the project for HyP that I have to do, then go to either Mega or Wal-Mart to buy some food and necessities, maybe swing by McDonalds for a snack around 6:30 or so... hehe. I´m pathetic, I know!

Yesterday was pretty good... I went to the bowling alley with Geni and her cousin (who I am almost positive is named Marco, just like his dad... but sometimes they call him Carlos, so I´m not sure what is up with that. He´s just 15, so don´t get any ideas.) We met up with two of Geni´s friends, Leslie and Raul. We didn´t wind up bowling because all the lanes were full, but we played a couple of games of pool. Quick note: The bowling lanes here are probably only half the length of the ones back home. Maybe it was just this bowling alley or something, but it definitely looked like people were making more strikes and things. Anyway... we played pool, and I was horrible at it, but it was still fun. I realized that I know almost no "playing games" vocabulary... like, how do you say "it´s my turn"? I didn´t know how to say any pool terms, either, like scratch or slop or anything. Oh well. It didn´t make that much of a difference.

After that I went to my friend Alyssa´s house... she actually lives in a house, normally with her older sister who is in med school at UAG... her sister decided to go home to the US for a weekend, though. So it was just Alyssa... and her ENORMOUS dog, Kody, and this stray dog that she picked up a couple of days ago. Kody is so overjoyed to have a playmate... he kept going up to the other dog and like, sticking the dog´s entire head in his mouth. I´m not sure the other dog knew he was playing, haha. Anyway... we rented "Frida" and watched it. It was interesting, since she´s such a famous Mexican artist. Kind of a weird movie at times, but that´s what her life was really like, so... yeah. Between the movie and talking and such, I didn´t actually think about going home until it was 2am. It´s not really safe for girls to take taxis alone at night, so Alyssa invited me to just stay over. I got to sleep in her sister´s room and stuff. It was nice. I thought my host family might worry, but when I got home this morning they were like, "Oh yeah, we just assumed you stayed the night at your friend´s house." It´s nice that they weren´t upset or anything. Haha... I guess it just takes some getting used to.

I think tomorrow I will go to school, since I don´t have anything better to do, really. It couldn´t hurt... you´re only allowed a certain number of absenses per level, anyway, so it´s best that I don´t waste them. If I go to class tomorrow, then I can skip someday if I really want to, or if I´m sick or something. ;)

That´s all for now, amigos. Adios!

Oh yeah... one thing I thought was really funny about Frida was how she called it "gringolandia" instead of the US. Hehe. Gringo Land. Adios, mis amigos gringolandias.


  • Yay, I'm glad you ended up having a fun weekend! More fun than me I bet! I just did a whole lot of lounging around the dorm and eating...I think I'm pmsing or something. I did however make a random shopping trip and returned the coat I bought last weekend and got a cuter, less practical (it has no liner so I'll probably freeze to death) peacoat. It's a pretty coral/pink color. I also bought a shirt at JC Penny that I believe you have in green, I got it in pink, surprise surprise ;) I can't wait til you're home and we can shop together again!

    By Blogger Julia, at 6:59 PM  

  • Como 'tas vata loca?
    yo aca en Kansas, en Ku, medio aburrida y con toda la envidia del mundo de que estas en mexico(Mexico lindo y querido, si muero lejos de ti, que dijan que estoy dormido, y me traigan hasta ti!)
    you can find out who I am(if you haven't guessed already) by going to

    P.S. as a clue you once told me in spanish you had a mummy up your nose, I was disturbed!hehe.gringita en chilangolandia...althought that is mexico city, so never mind...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:18 AM  

  • And people say they wonder where the Freshmen 15 comes from?

    AHAHAHAHAHA. McDonald' gross yet so good.


    And Quizno's is in that little strip mall that Taco Casa and Juice Stop and Glory Days is located.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:06 PM  

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