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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Cross your fingers

My blog has been kind of nasty to me this week... randomly deleting entries I am in the middle of writing, not posting things until two days later, etc. Go figure.

My back is still being rather evil. I haven´t slept well for the past couple of nights, because I am only comfortable if my knees are up or if I am halfway sitting against my headboard. That´s okay for just chilling on the bed, but for an actual night of sleep, not so much. I just woke up from an hour long nap... I rolled my blanket up and put it behind my knees, but I woke up because I was cold, so that won´t work for sleeping. Bah. At my house I would have a billion extra pillows to work with, but not here.

Before I forget, the random quotage i promised Courtney:

Katie as bus passes by: He named his bus SHARK. That´s like naming your dog Spot. So lame.
Me: I think naming your big, ghetto-ass bus Shark is lamer than naming your dog Spot.
Katie: I would name it "Little Grandmother." Abuelitaaaaaaaaaa!

I thought it was amusing. Katie just about died on the bus this morning, too... I got a seat, but she was left to the mercy of the bus driver´s random and sudden stops, turns, and curb checks.

Let´s see... what did I do yesterday? I posted, but it disappeared. I think. Let me check. Okay, it´s not there. Lessee. I went to see the Hilary Duff Cinderella Story all by myself. I intended it to cheer me up from my homesickness, but instead it just made me miss my sister a lot. Then I wandered in and out of clothing stores wishing I had money to spare. I wound up buying a pretty tinted lip gloss instead. It cost a lot less, and i can wear it every day! That´s always good. I ran into Nicole and Bebe, a couple of Katie´s friends, and I think I kind of scared them because I was laughing at myself for being a hilary duff fan while almost bursting into tears and rambling about how I missed my sister. They left rather quickly. ;)

Katie got a package from her parents in the mail today, but they stole all of HER food, too. I don´t know if the FedEx people just get hungry or what, but apparantly if you send things normal mail, you can recieve food. It takes a little longer, I think, but you pay less, and all of your stuff gets there... verses paying a ton extra for them to steal half of the contents of your package! Grr. I am angry. I WANT REAL DORITOS!

How sad is it that I am considering taking a bus to school this afternoon so I can get a Dr. Pepper from the 7-11 outside the gate? It´s real Dr. Pepper, not weird Mexicanized DP. They have to import it or something. They don´t make it here. Okay... maybe I don´t really have the energy to go all that way. But McDonalds isn´t too far away...

I have a serious problem. Haha.


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