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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Eres un chulo sin h!

Haha. I am learning how to swear in Spanish. Not exactly something to be proud of, I suppose, but it´s amusing what you pick up.
Today after school I went out to lunch at this taco place near my house with Katie and Alfonso. There was a BOSTON TERRIER wandering around on the sidewalk outside. It was soooooooo cute! It made me miss Squishy a lot. :( After we ate I walked around outside to see if I could find the doggie again, but I couldn´t. I think it was from the vet´s office next door. *sigh*

I finally got my 1-page personal statement for KU all written up and typed and all. I just need my parents to look at it and tell me if I made any glaring spelling or grammer errors and I will send that thing off. One down, three to go. Woo.

The medicine the doctor gave me makes me really sleepy. I take two pills at night after dinner, and then I have a 45 minute window in which to do my homework or anything that requires brain power. After that I start spacing out and falling asleep. I take another pill with breakfast, and then I am kind of dazed during my first class. Oh well. At least my back is feeling better. Not perfect, but on the mend, hopefully.

Um. The girl on the computer next to me is looking at a picture that kind of reminds me of Tub Girl. It´s a woman who is in a swimming pool, probably doing a surface dive. Her bare butt cheeks are sticking out of the water, and she´s farting a fountain into the air. Ew. Pleasant image, eh?

Tonight I´m going to the movies with Eric and Gabe and some other people. Wednesdays are "Dos por uno" or 2 for 1 night at the theater... basically, you pay half price or your ticket. Definitely a good deal. I don´t know what we are going to see, but I´m still excited. Katie is just psyched that I am getting out of the house more lately and doing things with people, haha.

One of the guys who works here at the Cyber café offered to take me with some of his friends to the Fiestas de Octubre, which is like this giant carnival and concerts and stuff all month long here in Guadalajara. It´s not like a date... we were talking and he found out I haven´t seen very much of Mexico, so he offered to take me along when they go places. It will be nice to have a real Mexican tour guide. My friend Euleta (the Brit) told me she wants to go, too, so I think I will ask if she can come... it´s probably safer than going off by myself, even though I really think these guys are trustworthy. You never know, I guess.

Lala... just chillin´, waiting for my mom to email me some corrections. Oh... today in class some people were talking about the Wizard of Oz. It made me homesick. ;) That´s the only way anyone knows about Kansas, I swear! Oh well. Only 38 days left until I come home, can you believe it? I can´t. I still remember when the number was over 100... I thought I would never make it this far! Hehe.

Aight. That´s all for now. May the dancing pope bless you with boston terriers in your path. :)


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