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Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm as high as a kite

I think the Mexican drugs are making me a little high. Seriously. I can't wake up in the mornings, I can't concentrate in class, and when I talked to my mom on the phone this morning, all of my words were coming out really slowly and slightly slurred. Um? If I couldn't feel the back pain looming in the background, waiting to overwhelm me with its evilness, I might try to cut back on my dosage or something... but as it is, I am stuck being sleepy, loopy, and slow until next Friday, when I go back to see the doctor. Thus is life...

Today I found something really, really cool. I know I want to get one for Courtney. I may just have to get them for some other people, too. They're not really... MEXICAN... but they are good gifts, anyway. I need to get moving if I am really going to buy everyone Mexican souveniers. Heh.

So, hanging out with computer lab guy is postponed until Sunday. That's cool by me. I'm skipping the school field trip to Chapala tomorrow (even though that would be a good shopping opportunity...) and I am planning on just taking it easy. Sleeping in, hanging around... just giving my body a chance to chill out.

I miss autumn. I miss Halloween. Remember Murl's Halloween party last year? (I almost just wrote last week. Drugs.) That was awesome. I mean... Mexico has the Día de los Muertos, but I´m not going to Patsquaro, where the big shindig is, so... I don´t know how much I´ll be in on celebrating that. I don't know. I miss home, damn it! What else can I say? Feeling like someone has been kicking you in the kidneys kind of makes you lose your enthusiasm for living in a foreign country for another 5 weeks. Bleh.

My friend Euleta from England is trying to change her flight schedule home so that she will be on the plane with me from Guadalajara to Houston. She`s deathly afraid of flying and wants someone she knows there... so she`s trying to get the seat right next to mine. haha. That could be interesting, I suppose.

I think the hardest thing right now is that lots of people have either taken little trips back to the US to visit their friends or family, or their friends and family have come down here and they`ve traveled around for a few days together. I know that it`s rediculously expensive to come to Mexico (even though we are right next door), but... I wish someone could come to visit me, you know? Anybody up for it? How about Thanksgiving weekend? Your parents could spare you for one year... you can even stay at my house, so you don`t have to pay for a hotel or anything. How about it?

I know, I know. I`m being pathetic. After all, it`s only 37 more days. I need to grow up and learn to tough it out. But....... I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots. So... write me, please. (Sometimes I am a broken record. Who DOESN`T know my email address by heart now?) And if you were thinking of mailing anything snail mail (I know I posted that address a way long time ago, sorry!), you probably want to do that soon because mail takes a long time and you want me to get whatever it is before I leave, right? :)

Okay. Enough whining for one day. Have a good end of the week, everyone. May the dancing Pope save you from having poopy pants.


  • What is up with the dancing popeness?


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