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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I´ve been watching, I´ve been waiting...

They are playing some good music here in the hole-in-the-wall today. Mm, mm. Much better than "Total Eclipse of the Heart" being played 6 times. Much as I love the song... enough is enough. ;) Anyway. Today they are playing some good American music. I´m liking it.

I´ve been feeling kind of crappy the last couple of days. Not much fun. Yesterday I went to my service right after school, so my lunch consisted of a can of coke and one of those mini cans of Pringles. Not very healthy. I got home around 4 with a massive headache, and promptly went to sleep for 4 hours. Except when Katie´s alarm woke me up at 6pm... that´s why it didn´t go off in the morning. She had her clock off by 12 hours, oops! Anyway... I finally woke up at 8 when she got home. My headache went away and I was able to study for my tests today, but I slept really badly last night. So today I feel all tired and yucky again... kind of like someone kicked me in my kidneys. I didn´t go to my service. Instead I came home to eat lunch, which I am glad I did, because it was really yummy. I´m still hungry... maybe I´ll go get some food... I know, I know, the McDonalds addiction rears its ugly head again!

Actually, speaking of addictions... I am seriously attached to these amazing chocolate donuts they have at the snack counter at school. I ate two today, haha. One before school, one between classes. I gotta keep my blood sugar up! ;)

Two tests today... super easy. I can´t wait for the next level of Spanish so maybe I will be CHALLENGED a little. Geeze. I´m just feeling... bored. I have way too much time to myself... my classes aren´t occupying my mind... my afternoons are pretty empty... blah. I need to find something else to do. I don´t know what.

I´ve been making lists of things I have to do as far as college applications. I know, I know... feel free to laugh. My parents think that working on applications is the best way to spend all this free time of mine, though. At least I already know how this process works, so it´s nowhere near as stressful as last year. I can sympathise with Lauren and my other FS friends, though. It´s not a fun time.

I´m talking to Jenny right now... funny kid. Good times. I like talking to people. They make me laugh. Courtney´s blog is a source of constant entertainment for me. I fear that I am boring people out of their skulls when they come to read my blog. I don´t do anything interesting! Blah. You would think that a semester in Mexico would be fascinating... but a lot of this is just typical, day-to-day stuff that everyone else does. School, work, homework, etc. Boys, friends, teachers. And all that jazz.

Everyone in Mexico smokes. Why? Why? Why do they not believe in real juice or clean air or non-chili infected chips? Why??????

I´m done.


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