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Friday, October 15, 2004

¡Me encanta la comida!

I am such a pig this week! I ate a HUGE thing of cookies... a couple of dozen at a time... oh, but they were soooooooo good. Hahaha.

So the muscle relaxers are helping my back, but I woke up REALLY confused this morning... I didn`t hear Katie come home last night, I didn`t hear her alarm go off this morning, and I didn`t hear her get up and get in the shower... so when MY alarm went off around 6, I thought it was HER alarm, that she hadn`t come home yet, and that I had to turn it off. So I was scrambling around on our bedside table trying to find her alarm clock... it took me a good minute to realize that it was, in fact, my own alarm clock making all the terrible noises. Craziness.

Ew. On the bus this morning, this nasty smelling guy was standing next to me, and when I got up to get off the bus, he like... rubbed his shoulder against me and was like, "ooh, mama, adios, mama!" Eeeeeeeeeew ew ew. I could NOT get off that bus fast enough!

Anyway... I skipped a class again today. I`m getting really bad at that. After my grammer class, I was soooooo hot and tired and falling asleep that I just could NOT go back for the other two hours of Spanish. I am a "mala niña", as Jennifer (the girl who says I am 12) told me. Oh well... I went to class Monday, so I have a day off that other people already used up. Yeah.

Finally saw Mateo today... I think he was avoiding me all week. He was fine- friendly, but not overly so. Hopefully he won`t be weird or a pain or anything. Not something I need.

After school I went to lunch with Katie, Alfonso, and this girl named Sybill. She´s apparently my age... she spent her senior year of high school studying at UAG, and now is back taking classes in teaching ESL at this satellite school here, and taking a class in German at UAG (so she qualifies as a student and can use all the facilities.) It was... interesting. We went to Sirloin Stockade, which is a cherished childhood memory for me. ;) It`s really not that different in Mexico. Alfonso and Sybill seemed to be having problems with the whole "all you can eat buffet" idea. They kept asking... "So... we can keep going back? As many times as we want?" Hehe.

So we`re sitting there stuffing our faces, and this guy comes and sits at the table next to us... and he is DRUNK. Don`t know what his name was. He was from Finland, and thought Sybill was incredibly gorgeous, even though he couldn`t pronounce her name. He was talking sooo loud and everyone was staring at us, and he kept saying all this raaaaaaaandom stuff. It was rather hilarious. We filled out the little card they leave on your table where you are supposed to rate the restaurant`s service, and in the "comments" section we wrote, "Don`t give alcohol to drunk blonde men." In English, of course, so they wouldn´t understand. OH! But then the drunk guy came BACK, but this time with his friend, and they tried to write their phone number ON THE CARD... we had to steal it out of their hands so they wouldn`t read it, haha! The guy from Finland kept coming around and kissing us on the cheeks to say goodbye... man, he was so drunk. Haha.

Anyway... not the greatest week on record. Hopefully I`ll get out and have some fun this weekend, but we know I`m not exactly Mexico`s social butterfly. We´ll see, I guess. ;)

Okay... back to the bat cave, woo.


  • boys suck.

    but drunk people can be hysteeeerical.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:43 AM  

  • Faith and boys...two of the hardest subjects to address in this world...of course, boys are far easier to fix than faith.

    Gotta love those drunk people. Haven't you ever been downtown late at night and people run by shouting, "Give us a wink sexy!" Or something like that...hahaha, love 'em to death.

    Someday I might become a Christian...

    Relax, don't do it...RELAX. Now I have that song in my head! Geagh!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:31 PM  

  • Sybill will be the name of my firstborn daughter. And by the way, I'd rather be on your mental list than that psychopath predator's any day.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 AM  

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