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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Romans 7:15 I don't understand myself at all, for I really want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do the very thing I hate.
This pretty much sums up the way I feel right now.

I hung out with Mateo this afternoon- not intentionally. Pretty much just confirmed to myself that he is a very, very weird guy who I don´t especially think I need to get to know much better. He still doesn´t quite understand that I was SERIOUS about the Just Friends thing. He kept asking if we were "friends with benefits." Are you stupid? Did someone drive nails into your head that are interfering with your proper brain functions? NOOOOOO. Blech. I keep screwing myself over... I need to just learn to leave things be. I try to hard sometimes.

What can I say? My classes are totally uninspiring, I have a big test tomorrow over spanish punctuation that is going to kick my butt, and I feel soooooo unmotivated to go to my classes. Bleh. I will be home 6 weeks from Saturday, can you believe it? I`m already pretty much halfway done with this level of Spanish... Iunno. I still miss home and people- I saw all the photos on Jesyka´s OD of her fall break, and it made me realllllllllly sad because I want to see all those people too!!!!!! My time will come, I guess. December 4, Sarah arrives home- mark your calendars! Actually, I probably won`t be home until around 10pm or so, so maybe mark your calendars for December 5. ;)

Working on college applications still. KU deadline in less than 2 weeks, yikes. That`s a really early decision deadline, so nobody else panic, okay? Haha. Personal statement: I`m in Mexico! Woo woo! Yo hablo español! Very impressive, I`m sure. I´m going to have to be sure to use the apostrophe substitute that looks more normal...´ instead of `. Right? Right.

Mexico has seriously made me lose my mind. Who am I anymore???? I really, really don´t know.

Okay. That´s all... maybe I´ll write tomorrow, maybe I´ll wait until Monday when I´m back from D.F. We shall see!


  • I predict the next 6 weeks will go by very fast (for me at least). Mateo is indeed a strange boy, but really, what boy isn't? Even if you don't know much more about who you are after spending this semester in Mexico, you've definitely grown up and become more independent, self-confident, and a much better Spanish speaker. Now you can say all kinds of mean things about people when you come home and no one will know what you're saying ;) Can't wait to go to Chipotle with you! ( if you're going to want that quasi-Mexican food when you come back) We can always go to Panera for some soup instead!

    By Blogger Julia, at 6:54 PM  

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