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Thursday, October 14, 2004

No Java?

Apparently this dumb computer lacks a java virtual machine, so I can`t talk to anyone with AIM express. I am also positioned directly under a fan that is blowing my hair in my face and drying out my right eye. Grr. Not the best computer experience today.

Anyway... today after class I went to the campus doctor, whose office is located underneath the stadium, weird. I walk in, I tell him my back hurts, and he immediately puts me on the leather bench thing and got to work. I got a back massage (not really the kind that feels good, though... the kind that hurts because they are pinching every single inch of your spine, etc.) Then he proceeded to pop EVERY SINGLE BONE IN MY BODY. At LEAST once. Every joint in my fingers and toes, my back, my hips... then he went to work on my neck. Pulling my head and twisting it in weird directions... I was afraid he was going to break my spine, but oh my gosh. I didn`t realize your neck could pop that many times. After that he gave me a prescription for what I think are muscle relaxers. I guess he thinks I am just too stressed and tense and it`s causing me back and hip pain. We`ll see. I filled the prescription and it cost me 15 bucks. It had better be worth it! ;) Anyways, that was kind of fun... I´ve never had someone give me that complete of a relaxation session, you know?

So, yeah... the week is almost over, hooray. I`ve been pigging out on McDonalds and Danish Butter Cookies all week. I think Katie is starting to be a little afraid. This afternoon she was like, "Sarah. Put the cookies DOWN. No more cookies. NO." Heehee. She should talk... she was eating sour cream and onion pringles and diet coke this morning at 8am because "breakfast was too far away" (about 15 minutes.) She`s actually been kind of pissing me off this week because she has been getting up late and taking 40 minutes in the bathroom, which makes ME run late in taking my shower and getting dressed. Plus, she normally gets dressed while I am in the shower and then goes to the bathroom while i am getting dressed to do her makeup and stuff. This week, she comes back to the room and sits there watching CNN until I get out of the shower, so I have no privacy to get dressed in. She`s just chilling there in her towel, and doesn`t understand what I am talking about when I am like, "Katie, you need to hurry, we`re going to be late." Argh. I hate being late to class every single day. Whaaaaaaaaaatever... I think it`s partly Alfonso`s fault, because he guilt trips her if she doesn´t hang out with him every night or if she tries to make him bring her home at a reasonable hour (BEFORE 2 am on a school night, please?)

Okay, screw it, this computer sucks. :P


  • Ruh roh, Sarah, watch out - chiropracty is the gateway to S&M, BWA HA HA HA HA

    By Blogger Courtney, at 7:24 PM  

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