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Friday, October 08, 2004

On my own again

I´m surprisingly depressed, considering it´s a gorgeous day outside and I pretty much have a 5 day weekend. I don´t know. Not having anything to do or anyone to hang out with will do that to you.

I took the finals for Level 5 yesterday... super easy. Monday I will start level 6, even though I will probably be the only one in class since we have today and Tuesday off... everyone decided to skip monday classes and go on vacations and things. Sadly, I don´t have the financial means to do so... and nowhere to go, really.

Oooh... yesterday during my grammer class, we had an earthquake. It was only about 30 seconds and it wasn´t very strong, but it was definitely a weird feeling! Katie said that she jumped up and ran to the doorway... but she´s lived in places where they have earthquakes before. My teacher was like, "We´re having an earthquake. Don´t be afraid. We´re having an earthquake. Don´t be afraid." After that she gave us a 10 minute break right in the middle of class, which she NEVER does. I think maybe she was a little freaked out. ;)

So... yeah. Last night was kinda crazy. I think that the spirit of Julia posessed Katie for a short span of time. Mateo was being kind of a jerk and was trying to pull that really dumb "friends with benefits" thing with me, and she could see that I hated it, but she knew I wasn´t going to tell him that, so she took him aside and told him that he was being an asshole and needed to apologize to me and make up his mind. Hahaha. I just know that Julia would do the exact same thing in that kind of situation. Anyway... I did tell Mateo that I hate the way he just hangs out with me when it´s convenient for him, and that if he wants to be more than friends he needs to actually do it, but otherwise we´ll just hang out and have fun as friends. He was like... "I don´t want to, but I think for your well-being and mine we should just be friends." Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you. Now I can stop feeling like an idiot for not knowing what´s going on EVER. Heh. I do NOT need boy problems while I am here... it´s just too much drama and stress. It makes me feel like I am in junior high.

Anyway... Everyone I know has gone to Guanajuato for the weekend, so I am kind of left with nothing to do... I did get Alyssa´s phone number, and she and James are here in town this weekend... maybe we can hang out this weekend. I think I kind of have neglected those friendships since we got back from Mazetlán... which sucks, because they are awesome people. Hopefully they will give me another chance.

I really miss my friends from home this week. I don´t know why, exactly, but I wish I could just hang out with Courtney, go out to dinner with Murl, have a crazy adventure with William, just... spend time with all the people I love. I am missing American food like crazy... I just want to go to my favorite Lawrence restaurants. Chipotle, Arby´s, Bambino´s... aaaaaaaah. I can´t even tell you exactly what it is I am missing so much. I miss pasta and spaghetti and stuff... we don´t really eat italian food around here. I miss Pizza Shuttle or Pizza Hut pizza... we have pizza here, but it´s not exactly the same. I miss the public library and Hastings and Target... blah. I´m halfway through with my time here. As of tomorrow, I have exactly 8 weeks left. 2 more levels of Spanish. It will probably go pretty quickly. This is a long weekend, with no school on Tuesday (I will probably be one of 3 people to show up for the first day of class on Monday- everyone else took 5 day weekend trips!), in two weekends I will be going to Mexico City, and then comes Halloween (Or Día de los Muertos, here... not so much halloweeen), and supposedly November is full of celebrations and stuff... November will be my last month here and my last class, so I will start winding down in everything... December 3 I take my finals for Level 7, and December 4 I come home. Crazy.

I feel like... I´m not doing much here. I´m earning a few credits, but really I won´t have a whole lot to show for my semester spent in Mexico. I will probably wind up losing a lot of my spanish skills while I stay home next semester... :P I´m not really looking forward to that time, either. I think that after December is over and Christmas and everyone goes back to their proper schools, I will wind up being bored. Not that different from being here now, haha. It´ll just be a lot colder and snowier. I´m not really looking forward to that, either. ;)

In some ways I think that if it weren´t for the money, I might actually consider coming back here next semester... just to feel like I´m doing SOMETHING more than sitting at home. I don´t know what classes I would take, though. Bleh. I don´t knoooooooooooooow. I´m just... tired and lonely right now. I shouldn´t try to think about the future when I feel this way.

I miss Julia... Katie does well in a pinch, but she´s not my big sister, and as a roommate, I don´t really want her to be. I miss shopping with Julia. I miss SHOPPING! I haven´t found anywhere that sells good clothes for cheap here. The mall is kind of pricey. My clothes are getting really old, really fast. I just want an afternoon spent... eating lunch at Panera, shopping at Old Navy and Target or downtown at Maurice´s or something... listening to Hilary Duff or Ashlee Simpson, watching a girly movie together. Hm... I guess I could go to a movie this weekend. That´s something to do to kill time. Jenny, I´m reading Angels and Demons, so be happy. ;) I finished The DaVinci Code in one day, but I´m trying to drag this one out. I also bought a copy of Allure yesterday and read it... made me think of Courtney. ;)

Maybe I´ll spend next semester road-tripping around the US, visiting all my friends at their schools. Haha. I´m not sure my parents would want to foot the bill for that. ;) And if I got a job, I´m not sure they would want to be giving me that kind of time off! Um, there is this dog that keeps wandering in and out of here... strange. Anyway. If anybody has some free time this weekend and feels like talking about what´s up in their lives, I am dying for any bit of gossip or any good stories. ;) for those of you who don´t have it memorized yet. Ta ta for now, I need to find some foooooooood.


  • Come visit me in big bad HOTlanta!

    By Blogger Courtney, at 5:31 PM  

  • yeah! come visit courtney in hotlanta! know why they call it that, right? because I live there, too!! SO COME!! =)

    By Blogger Audrey, at 5:53 PM  

  • me too? :(

    By Blogger Genevieve, at 12:39 AM  

  • Or maybe you should come and visit good ol' Larryville and chill in the nice cool, crisp autumn weather. It's absolutely schpiffin' m'deah.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:40 AM  

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