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Friday, November 26, 2004

11 hours and counting

In about 11 hours, a taxi will be arriving at my house to pick me up. Thirty minutes later I will be at the Guadalajara airport. Two hours later, God willing, I will be on a plane headed to the United States. By noon I will be reunited with my parents at XNA in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Holy crap. I am coming home!!! It still hasn´t sunk in.

Last night I attended a Thanksgiving dinner with over 20 people. It was so good... all these UAG students chipped in. We had tons of chicken, mashed potatoes, a big pot full of stuffing, gravy, vegetables, tons of bread and cakes for dessert... it was just this amazing time of friendship and picture taking and wishing we were with our families... but it was heartwarming that we all got together to make Thanksgiving a little brighter for one another, right? I enjoyed it. :)

Today was my last day of school! Aaah! I took my tests and they were super easy. After school I went out to lunch with a bunch of friends at this italian restaurant in Las Galerias. It was really nice... everything has been really nice. I am coming HOME!

OH! I almost forgot! I finally got the package my sister sent me!!! Just in the nick of time. It was really amazing. I was totally excited. :) I now have a book to read on the airplane. Aaaaaaaah! This is so... mind boggling. I need to PACK.

This is my final entry from the lovely land of 78 degree Mexico... palm trees, oranges, tacos, tamales (did you know that the singular of tameles is NOT tamale? no... it is tamál! Crazy!). Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow in the USA! I am babbling in excitement. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I am so excited to see you all!!!!!!!!!

I am coming home!!!!!!!!


  • I get to make the first note on your last Mexican entry! Woooooo! And you're in a plane as I'm typing this I'm sure, but YAYAYAAYAYAY!

    "Look who's back. Back again...Sarah's back. Celebrate!"

    Huzzah! And much Mazeltov!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:45 AM  

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