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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blah busy day

I´m too lazy to write an original post, so I just copy/pasted a bunch of stuff from the email I just sent my parents. Enjoy.

I had my first physical therapy today. It was kind of an adventure, haha. After school I went to downtown guadalajara with Katie and Alfonso to go to this place called San Juan de Dios... I think I´ve told you about it. It´s this giant three level flea market kind of place. Anyway... Katie and I both bought CD´s for really cheap (they´re rip offs, not originals)... She and Alfonso didn´t really buy what they went there for, but whatever. Anyway, all afternoon I had been adamant about how I needed to be back at the house at 3:30 so I would have time to change clothes and get back to the school for my 4:30 appointment. Of course, at 2:40 Katie and Alfonso decide we HAVE to eat something... so we didn´t leave the restaurant until 3:30... and didn´t get back to the house until 4:15... so I was 10 minutes late to my appointment. I was really stressed out and kind of ticked off at them for being so slow and indecisive, but whatever. What´s done is done.

Anyway... went in there and he put these weird electrode things on my back that did this pulsing shock thing, and also some sort of heating pad... so I lay there like that for about 15 minutes or so... I really wish the guy would talk slower. He would say things to me and leave the room, and I would be left there wondering if when he said "just tell me" at the end of that sentence there was something specific I should be waiting for to tell him, or if it was just a general, "if you have any problems, tell me" statement. Bleh. Anywho... then his assistant guy used one of those electronic back massagers to massage my back. Then they popped my neck again and I was on my way. It was about 45 minutes in all, and I´m supposed to go back on Friday. They didn´t say anything about charging, though. I wish they were more communicative... they don´t seem to realize that if they don´t tell me things, I won´t automatically fill in the blanks. Anyway. Friday I will try to ask him to talk slower and see if I need to be paying for these sessions or whatever.

I feel really tired and stressed out today... all the running around being late. I´m really tired of taking these shots... only 2 more to go, but still. I´m just tired of everything today... classes, shots, speaking Spanish all the time, doctors who don´t bother to explain things to me, Katie and Alfonso being themselves... argh. I don´t know. I need to relax, but I´m stressing about these college essays, too... realizing how much I have left to do in not so much time.

I want to go to the movies with Gabe and Co. tomorrow night in celebration of my not having to be home for a shot at 8pm. We´ll see how I am feeling... maybe I´ll want an evening to myself. We´ll see. Is it sad that I always hope that Katie goes out with Alfonso on school nights so I can have some time to myself? When she´s home all evening it really starts to get on my nerves. Even though it gets on my nerves when she gets home really late and then doesn´t want to get up the next morning... haha. I don´t know. I´m going crazy. I apologize. I think today is just another one of those days when I want the time to take a few deep breaths but can´t... so I just feel like crying. I want a hug. Bleh. I really just want a place to hide.


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