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Monday, November 01, 2004


It´s kind of chilly now. I´ve got a sweatshirt on, but still... maybe we´re actually going to get some fall-type weather! (Not likely. The forecast says it´s going to be high 70´s/low 80´s all week.)

I know, 2 posts in one day... it´s a little much. I apologize. I do have some minor updates.

I think Katie totally spazzed and said our host parents went to Quintana Roo when she meant Querétaro. Uh... big difference. Querétaro is near the state of Mexico, and NOT rediculously half the country´s length away. Hahaha.

Today during my literature class we built an altar to los muertos... ´cause tomorrow is Día de los Muertos. You know. It´s kind of cool, I guess... lots of papel picado (the paper with all the stuff cut out of it that they hang in long banners? yeah.) and marigolds and little fake skulls and stuff. I guess we are working on it more tomorrow. Oh well- it´s better than having real class. Haha.

Went out to lunch with Katie and Alfonso. They are sometimes hard to be around. They just... do that couple-talk where they take 40 minutes to decide something REALLY simple and they walk as if they both had a broken hip because they have to hold hands and be gooey all over one another. Bleh. I really feel like a 3rd wheel around them sometimes. I shouldn´t whine, because I know I put my friends through the same crap in high school... but still. It can be annoying.

I realized today that I have about a month to write a butt load of college essays... oops. I should get cracking on that, no? Bleh. It´s mainly just the essays left for me to do. Other than that... I have most of the online forms filled out. I guess that´s some steps in the right direction.

I have a test tomorrow. Let´s hope I´m not hyper-drugged-out like I was last Thursday. My back is still pretty sore, sadly... I go back to see the doctor on Friday. We´ll see how that goes.

I got fun emails from Julia and my mom today. I get to talk to my parents tonight, too... so that´s exciting. Yup. Well... Happy Monday, everybody. Only 33 days left. And tomorrow, we will hopefully know who our next president will be. Woo! Everybody go vote because I can´t.

The Dancing Pope is el Papa Bailando. Woo!


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