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Monday, November 01, 2004

Hanging with the geeks

I had an interesting weekend... I spent the whole time hanging out with the guys from the computer place by my house, haha. Nice guys.

Friday, after writing a pitiful blog entry, I hung out talking to Paxo, the guy who invited me to go to the Fiestas de Octubre. We talked for a while, then the owner of the computer place came in and played all this weird Mexican music on the computer and kept staring at me for my reaction... I guess wanting me to start dancing or something, I have no idea. Haha. Anyway... around 11 o´clock we went to eat some tacos. First we had some good ones, then Paxo made me try some weird ones. Yes, I have now tasted both brain and intestine tacos. Joy! Haha. It sucks when you don´t know what things MEAN in Spanish...

Saturday... I pretty much just hung out. Paxo wanted me to go to a Halloween party with him, but since I didn´t have a costume or know anyone who was going to be there except for Paxo and his friends, I declined. Talked to Euleta on the phone a bit... the plans with Paxo for hanging out got moved to Sunday, and she was going to go with us. She also has now arranged it so she is on my flight from Guadalajara to Houston on December 4. Whee!

Yesterday I got up early and showered and everything... Euleta called to say that she was too tired to go hang out. Oh well. Around 10 Paxo and his friends came by to pick me up. We then hung around at the computer place for another hour or so... I´m not really sure why we were waiting. Haha. Anyway... we finally got going. There were 7 of us. I rode in a car with Tico, the guy who owns the computer lab place, Paxo, and Jose, who is this really insanely tall guy with curly hair. We drove way out into the country and went to this... sports club. It´s owned by the Universidad de Guadalajara, so I felt kind of like a traitor ;) but not really. It was a really nice place. Some of the guys went to play basketball... I hung out a bit with Luz, the only other girl, and we went swimming in the pool with Tico. Eventually the basketball players came swimming, too... the water was kind of cold, and the air was cool, too, so I was freeeeeeeeeezing. It was fun, though. Entertaining to think that I could go swimming on Halloween, haha.

After swimming we tried to get something to eat... the snack bar place had hamburgers, but they weren´t going to be ready for a while, so they bought a bunch of salchichas instead. Salchichas are hot dogs. Cut up, cold hot dogs, on which they put lime juice, salt, and chile sauce. Sooooooooooo weird. But that´s the way they do everything here. Lime and chile. On potato chips, on fries, on everything. Strange. Anyway... after a while the hamburgers were done, and they were really yummy. Maybe I was just really hungry. Who knows. :) We hung out for a while, but it started to rain, so we went and changed clothes and headed back to Guadalajara.

Got back to the computer place... I didn´t really know what was going on. Katie came by to say that our host parents left suddenly to go to Quintana Roo (a completely different state on the Yukatan peninsula. Not exactly right next door.) I guess the mother of our host father is really sick. Anyway... I decided it would be best to eat outside of the house. I went home and did some homework, then dropped back by the computer place to see if Paxo wanted to go with me to dinner and a movie. He had to work, but his friend drove me in his truck to the Galerias, and gave me his phone number so I could call him after the movie was over. I went to see Wimbledon, which was actually pretty good. I saw my friend Tim, who was pimpin´it with three mexican ladies. Don´t know how that happened. ;) I called the guy and he picked me up. We went out to eat the WEIRDEST hot dogs ever. They slice these buns open, steam them, then stick the hot dog inside, then put on all sorts of weird vegetables and cheese (mushrooms, tomatoes, stuff like that.) It was good, just... weird!

So that´s my weekend... I gotta run to class now. Email me PLEASE ( because my inbox has been sadly empty for a couple of weeks now and I miss you all!


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