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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bundled Up

Ugh... it's hard to feel inspired to write in your blog when nobody else seems to be writing. I get tired of nagging and asking people to write... I guess if they want to, they will, and if they don't want to, they will leave their online diaries as empty husks. :P

Thank you, Julia, for coming in and saying, "DO IT! DO IT! UPDATE IT!" What does she think I'm doing??? Yeesh.

Anyway... today the job hunting started. I applied at Target (they aren't hiring until the start of February, I found out after 25 minutes of staring at the computer screen), I picked up an application at Office Depot, and I saw an ad in the newspaper for someone on Mass street hiring full time... it turned out to be Mark's Jewelers, weird. I picked up an application anyway. I guess that'll give me something to do while I'm trapped in the house by snow and ice for the next day or so. Blech.

I've been accepted to APU, yay. They called me to tell me on the phone today... I'm not surprised. It's not getting into the schools that is the problem- it's getting enough money from the schools to be able to afford attending them. Argh. I hate money.

The house keeps making these really loud cracking sounds that I've never heard before... it's not very comforting that they all seem to come from the floor of my bedroom, or between my bedroom and the office. Is the house going to collapse? That's the side of the house where all the water gets into the basement... yeesh. It really scares me if I get up in the middle of the night. BOOM! it goes. yeesh.

I've really been rather content to sit in the house and read books or watch movies all day... partly because I'm not really surprised that nobody every contacts me to do things... I guess I've just gotten used to being alone. Jenny never called me or anything about getting together, so I didn't get to give her the Christmas present I got her in Mexico... oh well. A lot of people are returning to their schools soon, too, if they haven't already. I guess that's what happens after high school... it still kind of sucks, though.

I have Don McLean's "American Pie" in my head right now, for absoultely no reason. I can't believe Madonna did that horrible remake of it... gag. I would like to get some more CD's... I guess that's another thing to file under "things to buy after I have a job and a paycheck." It keeps growing longer and longer...

My life is so boring, haha. I've been doing voice lessons to get ready for my choir audition at APU in January... I've been reading a lot. No Gilmore Girls Season 2 DVDs yet, so I can't watch them... I like how Hastings does the dollar credit on movies you bring back the next day. It's nice to go in and only have to pay a dollar fifty because you took two movies back early the time before... :) Oh, the small treasures in life... like frosted strawberry pop tarts, cold cans of root beer, soft and worn comforters in the morning... yeah.

I keep having these strange dreams... they're so thick and heavy that I can't wake up out of them, and once I do, I feel groggy and disoriented for a long time. Weirditude... I can't wait until I actually have something to do with my days other than be a lazy bum. I'm sure my parents can't, either, considering the way they keep nagging me about job hunting. *sigh* I'm sure I won't get a lot of it done tomorrow... Lawrence Public Schools already cancelled because the forecast is so bad. Lots of snow and rain and ice, ooh boy. I'm sure Julia is fine with it-- she has Tyler here until Thursday. Ducky for them. ;)

So... yeah. That's my life. Later.


  • hey, i already promised i'd write when i got to tech! Congratulations on APU, that's great. Also: GO SEE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, very good.

    By Blogger Courtney, at 8:31 PM  

  • Do what Courtney said, SEE PHANTOM!!! It's sooooo amazing! Make sure to be in a theater with surround sound. I guarantee you will practically die during the first 5 minutes...oh...ecstasy!

    And, Open Diary is being a bitch and wouldn't let me update yesterday or today, so I'm patiently waiting...poop.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 AM  

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