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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hanging up

I feel like such a bad person. I hung up on soooooooo many people today... and I got paid to do it! ;)

See, when you work in a financial office, you often times have to call different companies on "behalf" of the clients. But, since we are NOT the clients, and the clients don't necessarily know why we would be calling said companies on their behalf (lots of random housekeeping chores, etc.), we have to try our hardest NOT to talk to actual people. I've been calling different mortgage companies for the last week trying to find out some info on peoples' mortgages. Today I must have been all screwed up, because no matter who I called, I always seemed to get a REAL PERSON! Whyyyyyy would the automated menus not accept the numbers I punched in? Why do some companies not believe in automated menus? Anyways... if you work for a mortgage company and I hung up on you today, I'm sorry. Really, I am. It's nothing personal.

Tomorrow is Week 2 with the terror bunch... that's right, I get to teach Spanish again! This time I'm a little more prepared (as in, I'm deciding what to do the night before instead of in the hour I have between work and teaching? Heh, heh...) More activities, and hopefully stuff that these kids DON'T remember from doing this EXACT SAME CURRICULUM last semester. You know. But yeah. My stomach is in knots just thinking of an hour spent with those 3 little boys... the Terror Trio... on top of all the OTHER hyper, rambunctious children. Yeesh. Dios, por favor, ayudame!

Yeah. That's my day. And my knitting is going a little better. That's encouraging. Last night I watched 3 movies in a row, which was fun times. I watched "Raise Your Voice" with Hilary Duff, and I swear to you, I cried. It was really pathetic. But... it's actually kind of sad. I didn't know it was going to be sad, but it was. Then it got all punky and giggly, as all Hilary Duff movies do, but you know. :) I'm a loser, and I'm not afraid to admit it!

"Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?"

No. Seriously. What's your favorite color?

Mine's green. I like green. But you already knew that.


  • I like pink. But THaT'S a given.

    and I watch Lindsay Lohan movies.

    By Blogger Miss Courtney, at 1:33 PM  

  • I watch Lindsay Lohan movies, too... I lOVE her movies.. I just don't quite agree with her personal life cough HANGS OUT WITH PARIS HILTON cough gag... but I'm just a member of the movie audience, so that bit doesn't really matter ;P

    By Blogger Courtney, at 5:27 PM  

  • I definitely know what you mean about being happy yet dissatisfied ... And I miss you too ... A whole lot more than I could tell you. And its hard to embrace each other now, because we remember each other differently ... It's all so strange ... well, I love you, and I hope to see you soo soon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 PM  

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