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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hey Homes, smell ya later!

So I guess Nick at Nite has revamped their lineup. When I was a kid I used to watch Nick at Nite for such classic shows as Dragnet, Get Smart, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, etc. Now they're showing things like Murphy Brown, Roseanne, The Fresh Prince, and Full House. I grew UP with those shows. I feel... old. :( On a slightly related note-- when I was in California they made us run around for 2 hours playing these dumb games in teams. They kept rolling around this portable stereo and trying to get us to sing along with the songs that nobody knew. After all the "fun time" was over and they were gathering us to announce the winners, they put on a song that EVERYBODY knew the words to. That's right- the theme song to The Fresh Prince of you-know-where. Way to go, Will Smith.

So my sister left me a comment saying that she misses my ranting. Do I rant? Hm. What could I rant about now? I have no idea. Haha.

So I've started working... Doni gave me a job at her financial office again. She's about 5 months pregnant and Encore is just getting into full swing, so that's good times. ;) I work Monday and Wednesday afternoons and all day Tuesday and Thursday. So... 3 day weekends, extremely flexible hours (about 20-25 a week), and $7 an hour. Not bad, not bad at all... if something else comes along I'll check it out, but for now this works.

Of course, it's lots of fun to work all day when I'm still feeling sickly. I'll be okay, and then a few hours after I get up my head and throat clog up and I start coughing again... yucky. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow to see if we can't do something about this. Today my head was sooo achy and I was really tired, but I had to work and check break points on mutual fund statements (Formula for checking break points: Price per share on statement - Price per share for that date as listed in the newspaper; That total divided by the newspaper price per share, then you get a percentage that you compare to the sheet on breakpoints for that specific company and you figure out the break point. Ta da! You could be a financial planner!) and run to the post office and 3 different banks and it was snowing and wet and cold and I was tiiiiiired. :( Oh well. Then right after work I had to go home and get my mom to the grocery store before the roads got any worse (I was slip sliding all over the place!!!), but she bought me Chipotle afterwards so it wasn't a total bust. ;)

I've been watching toooo much TV lately. Last night I watched the end of 24 with my parents, then watched some CSI, then some random movies... I finally went to bed in the middle of Corrina, Corrina even though it was a really good movie. I should rent it. I've only seen parts of it before. Go Whoopi Goldberg, YEAH! (Hey Courtney, remember when we sat you down and forced you to watch Sister Act? Be glad that we never made you watch Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit!) Tonight I watched Gilmore Girls and 2 hours of The Amazing Race. I hadn't watched any of the shows before that finale, though, so I couldn't really tell if the couples were nice or always hating on each other or what... well, I COULD tell that the 4th couple who got eliminated was dumb. The girl was a head case, for sure. And then the guy proposed to her? After what HAD to be one of the Worst days of her life??? Wow. I'm sure she'll love to show the kids a video of THAT day! "Here's me screaming at Daddy because our taxi driver was slow. Here's me and Daddy getting out of the taxi in the middle of nowhere and refusing to pay the driver because he took us in the wrong direction... Here's me breaking a key in a lock because I am the least patient person alive. But look! There's Daddy being amazing again and again and again and again, even when I don't deserve it. Aaaaww." It seemed to come down to a lot of luck.

Okay... I'm gonna shimmy off to bed and get some shut-eye before braving the snowy, slushy streets tomorrow. Nighty night!


  • hey sarah! that's super that you found a job! i hope it works out well and such,
    - Austen

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 AM  

  • i would write you a witty (or just lucid) note if i wasnt so freaking tired - i'm staying awake long enough to let jen back in the building after her CS class (so that'll be like 20 min from now) because she left her key at her brother's, and then i'm passing out WEEE

    By Blogger Courtney, at 12:16 PM  

  • Corrina, Corrina is a fabulous movie, the little girl (at the time, little) was in Napoleon Dynamite. :-D

    And I so want Fresh Prince theme as a ringtone, man. Gotta look into that.

    Sadly, no Sonic here. *sigh* but I'm getting my fill of chocolate, don't you worry.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:14 PM  

  • I <3 Coffee. Coffee and hot chocolate and Milton's! I do not <3 cold weather. *curses Kansas*


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:40 PM  

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