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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Total eclipse of the heart

This entry is brought to you by Randomness and I Have To Get Up In 6.5 Hours And Work From 8 To 5.

Let me see... another boring week, I guess. Friday I went to the doctor again. I was like, "Yeah, I've had this cough since, let's see... the beginning of January? And since that's over 2 months ago, that kind of seems like it might be a problem..." This med student was examining me and asking all sorts of silly questions, of course. So I explain to her that (sorry, I'm trying not to be too graphic) it feels like the phlegm in the my throat is a lot thicker than it should be, and it's hard to breathe and it makes me have these horrible coughing fits all the time. So she looks in my throat and tells me to say "Aaaah", which I do, and she literally jumped back two feet and was like, "YEAH! That's some, uh, thick stuff there." Hee.

So then I went to get some x-rays (which for some reason I keep wanting to spell exrays...) I had lots of sinus x-rays taken when I was a kid (chronic sinus infections, blech), but the last time I had chest x-rays was when I was 4 and had pneumonia. Anyway... the x-ray tech looks like she's MY age, MAYBE a year or two older, and she was wearing a KU t-shirt, but whatever. I had to wear one of those weird paper gown thingys, ooh fashion statement of the year. (Paper is SO the new cotton/poly blend!!!) The girl asked me if there was any chance I was pregnant, (NO way), then gave me one of those little lead sheets that they wear for protection against the x-rays... to put over my ovaries. What? Must protect the goods! Hahaha. Can't have my eggs fried internally or anything.

Anywho... my lungs are really clear, my hair showed up on a chest x-ray (what?), but one side of my head is apparantly really messed up. So I'm on super-high-powered antibiotics for the next two weeks, hooraaaaay. They don't seem to be helping much yet... I wake up feeling like my right lung is stapled to my spine, and I still have horrid coughing fits. Oh well. The plus side of antibiotics: they make me sleep really soundly, and I have weird dreams. Woo!

Last night I had a dream that I went to this big party at a farm house on this big hill... they kept raffling off prizes and stuff, and I won a free makeover... basically they just chopped off some of my hair in front and it looked really horrible... like Ashlee Simpson, except they didn't cut any of my hair in back so it was waaaaaay too long for the look they were going for. I was kinda pissed and running around trying to find other people, but they were too busy getting dragged off to see whatever it was they had won. Whee. Good times.

Aaaaaargh gotta get up in 6 hours and I'm NOT TIRED AT ALL.

Update your blogs and diaries, please... remember, I live my life vicariously through you!!!


  • mmm, thick juicy phlegm

    ... i just grossed myself out. excuse me. ;)

    By Blogger Courtney, at 6:05 AM  

  • Courtney has just grossed me out...I'm going to be sick.

    Juicy???? WHAT THE????

    And, you mentioned Ashlee Simpson right when I started playing "Autobiography". COINCIDENCE? I think not!

    By Blogger Leah Ashra, at 7:00 AM  

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