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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Nothing new under the sun

Sorry I'm not posting much. But seriously: if anything were going on, I'd write. Therefore: nothing is going on. Except this:

I've taken up cross-stitching.
I've spent way too much money since my last paycheck.
Tomorrow is payday. Note to self: Do not make the same mistake!
Julia is buying me lotsa dorm goodies for supercheap prices. Yay!
Uh-- but I'll be paying her for those dorm goodies... but it's still super cheap.
Tax season is over! I wonder what work will be like now...
Tuesday is my final day with the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiildreeeeeeeen! YES!
I wonder when I get paid for my time with the chiiiiiiiiiiiiildreeeeeeeeeeen!
Murl bought me a Hasee toy. It's fuzzy and cute and purple. Yay!
I say Yay! too much.
Ashley is having a baby boy! :) :) :) (I would say Yay! but...)
Please, shoot me now.


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