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Saturday, May 14, 2005

PRL Update!!

I guess it's time to update this, but I think that between my blog, my open diary, and my xanga, everybody gets to read about my life at some point and nobody is really being left behind here... maybe, iunno.


My birthday was this week! On Thursday. I had to work from 10-5, which kinda sucked, but it wasn't too terribly horribly bad. Had a sort of laid-back family birthday meal on Thursday-- pizza and birthday cake, woo hoo! Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Murl (more on that in a minute), and then tonight my family + my older brother Matt went to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, yum. Matt's in town for his half brother (on the other side)'s graduation.

So yeah... yesterday Murl and I celebrated my birthday. It was sort of a scavenger hunt where we went to all of these places that had special meaning to our relationship. He'd give me these little clues on slips of paper and I had to figure them out and then we'd go there and find the next clue... very awesome and inventive. And then when I lined up all the clues in the order I had received them and read the first letter of each line going down, it spelled "I love you." How cute! :) :) It was a really good birthday.

So, birthday gifts... I got seasons 2 AND 3 of ER, a new bathrobe, a big beach towel, a notebook with all of the emails I sent to my parents while I was in Mexico... um, what else? Murl bought me a blue hippo at Target during our scavenger hunt, and I have a gift certificate for Sunfire Ceramics that Julia and I are going to use tomorrow. My dad gave me a card with some money in it, and I gifted myself with a new computer. I'm happy. :)

Oooh, I just watched the new Kelly Clarkson video for "Behind these Hazel Eyes" on AOL. It's really good! I looooooove her "Breakaway" CD. So so so good. It's kind of all about breakups, but the songs are very catchy.

So I am totally hooked up in the DVD department... My mom bought Julia season 2 of Gilmore Girls for her birthday in March.I got Julia season 3 of GG as a late gift for her birthday when she came home last week. Then I got seasons 2 and 3 of ER for my birthday. I've already finished season 2 of GG, so I'm gonna watch season 3 and then move on to ER. Quite convenient since I've got the DVD player/TV in my room now. :) No cable hookup, but that's okay. If I had cable, I'd never ever leave my room. Haha. As it is, I'm definitely not getting as much sleep as I should... drat this mono for hanging on so tenaciously! Oh well. Someday I'll be healthy again, right?

I bought a pretty new watch with my birthday money. It's green and silver and I like it. It tells me that I've been writing this entry for quite a while, so I think I'm gonna go. Adios!


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